Q: What if a face or body oil has mineral oil in it?
A: Good question. After much debate & deliberation on my blog, I have decided not to review products containing mineral oil after January 2012. This is not because I believe the oil is toxic, as science has proven otherwise, but rather because mineral oil is akin to wrapping skin with saran wrap. It works great as an inexpensive beauty base, but really only creates an impenetrable layer on your skin. For evidence, allow a graham cracker to soak in mineral oil for 15 minutes and watch as it hardens instead of turning to mush. While it does prevent the loss of moisture, mineral oil does not bring any vital skin nutrients or antioxidants to address any signs of aging or damage, which many of today's refined carriers (Argan, Buriti, Marula, Avocado, Rosehip, etc.) do. So why not use an oil that brings good stuff to skin as opposed to an inert layer of oil?

Q: If you receive and review a few free products in between the ones you buy, how do we know you're not  being swayed by all the swag?
A:  The FTC has recently starting monitoring  bloggers, freaked out over us  swaying our biases towards swag-happy  brands. Hence: a disclaimer:  I don’t write about a product unless I have been duly seduced by some facet of its production, packaging, ingredient, scent, and/or some intangible variable. I am brutally honest, truthful & sane about what I like. And, mediocrity has no place here. If you don't  like my suggestions, call me out on it, share why it didn't work for you. With your help, I can keep this an ad-free blog by considering only the best of beauty & oils. It's your interest & clicking that keeps me writing. No lunch hour meetings nor schmoozing. I hold full time job with a part time life. If I get it, I’ll try it & consider reviewing it.

Q: Please don't start advertising. Your beauty blog is the only one that actually loads up. Why do other beauty sites have so much crap  all over their pages?
A: Because they want to make money. Magazines rely on advertising to  get published. Blogs rely on ads to get  hits. Mo' hits, means mo' money. I just care to share musings on stuff I like. See, commercial isn't a dirty word to me, but I won't be clogging up my clean, white space  to make a buck...or three. I just won't advertise. After all, aren't  the best things in life always free?

Q: Some blogs delete comments? Do you? Doesn't the Internet allow for free speech?
A:  Free speech is welcomed in the public spaces of life. This is a privately-run blog by a blogger who wants to encourage exchange of thoughtful reviews, intelligent critiques, and silly wit. Spam, personal  attacks, product promo's and trollishness will be all deleted. You're welcome to post whatever you wish on your own blog and send me the link, though.

Q: Why do you link to science sites?
A: I do take the time to see if science supports the claims, though,  it's clear not every oil/essence/extract has been tested thus far. Hint, hint...it could be a great career choice for an aspiring beauty maven with some savvy business sense.

Q: What does EFAs stand for?
A: Essential fatty acids, the good stuff your skin covets. If you click on Noteworthy, you can read all about the science behind them.

Q: How do you use all of these oils you try?
A: I'm pretty tall with long hair. And, scrubs? Well, with long legs and arms, a jar lasts me just two whole weeks. If I'm lucky.

Q: Why don't you review [insert brand name]?
A: Quite frankly, I do review brands & products, which excite me to no end. It could be the founder's philosophy, the innovative packaging, and/or the intricate array of oils used in a treatment. And, I'm a bit peev-ish about those companies (yes, there still are a few), who don't list or  share their ingredients.

Q: Ok, how do you test the oil to see if you like it?
A: That depends on the product:
  • Body oils are always tested on freshly exfoliated skin. I apply the oil to see how long the shine lasts, if the scent persists, and/or what the density/finish are like. 
  • Face oils & balms are always tested overnight, as I use Retin-A and chemical peels as part of my skin care regime. Which means, yes, I get afflicted with frequent  bouts of dehydrated skin. Not-so-great oils will sit atop; finer quality oils with will seep in & moisturize. I also test face oils with foundations (liquid, compact, powder), blushes (gels, creams), and highlighters to see if the oil causes that abhorred greasiness or the desirous, delectable dewiness. Our readers, obviously, desire the latter.
  • Other oils & balms are tested over newly scrubbed feet, slathered on, & covered overnight with cotton socks. It's the morning after suppleness that determine if the oil/balm worked or gets passed over for a review.
  • Lip balms must pass the 2-glass test, which show off their tenacious cling & last through some savory sips of the night's carefully selected aperitif.

Q: What your #QuickReads?
A: A few readers wrote in asking for shorter versions of my verbose, often too-long, tediously bordering-on-boring reviews for their mobile screens. The #QuickReads are for these dedicated oil lovers who want their huile fix on the fly.

Q: How do you select the 'must-have' candles?
A: These are candles I covet and love. I couldn't find a gift list of striking and sexy looking candles that I would want for myself and would want to gift others, which is pretty often. So I started the definitive list for me...and well, anyone who needs a gift list to reference throughout the year. Someone needed to. And, yes the reviews are kept short because no one wants to read a long soliloquy on burn times and soy ingredients. I get it - you just want to know about the essences and how they dance in the air. *Hint: most have an above average candle 'throw' to make it on this list.

Q: Why is there a lot of white space on the right side of this page?
A: Because I have a tendency to overspend on fragrances in lieu of a real web designer to get this fixed. My list of candles shows why.

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