Q: You're gone?! It's over! Was it because you got tired of reviewing just oils & balms?
A: No Though my time on the blog has ended for now...but, I wasn't the only one who chatted about oils; take a peek at some of my chats with a few green-happy, beauty industry movers & mavens who took an interest in all things oil related:
Q: Why did you write about beauty oils? You sounded a bit obsessed.
A: I was! Nothing like the tranquil feeling of an oil to seep through skin. It's this very simple, aesthetic usefulness that I covet. From a faultless construction to ethereal essences, I adore them all. Whether it's for the eyes, face, body, I dearly love how beauty oils give us more bang for our bucks. When I started using my first oil, I realized how difficult it was to distinguish between various brands because the varying densities & scents. So, I started writing for my 5 near & dear friends, who asked the same. It's so fab to have made a few more friends along the way...

Q: Ummm, and candles?
A: Because the sensory experience should continue onto your surroundings. My nights are never complete without the flickering light of some scented beauty.

Q: Will you be back?
A: One never knows...