The Miracle That Is Algae

Yes, I’m always intrigued by a new face oil hitting the market. Yet, at a time when nearly every beauty house seems to be launching the requisite serum to keep on trend, I’m a bit more cautious about trying just anything or worse...amateurish in its make. And, if the face oil in question doesn’t exactly start off with a commonplace oil…but is technically an oilmade with oils I’ve seen…well then, I’m interested. Did I make sense? I will.

See, Algenist’s Advanced AntiAging Repairing Oil ($79) -now launching this month - isn’t just another face oil made with any hero ingredient you’ve seen. Argan made its reputation on face oils two years ago. Marula might be Argan 2.0. But, if you have a compelling desire for something scientifically proven, let’s talk about microalgae.

The culture of algae is gaining serious momentum in the skincare space. Board certified, clinical and research dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf (aka Dr. Peptide) says, "Microalgae is rich in oleic acid, which is very emollient. And studies have shown that brown algae lipid extract is high in antioxidants, which help both the cellular-renewal process and microcirculation.”

Microalgae oil is our oil’s main ingredient and resets the idea of what I think of a basic face oil. With a slightly citrus smelling scent, I find this to be one of the more advanced oils on the Sephora shelves, one that attacks aging in an entirely new way. Rife with ceramides for added hydration, the oil also shas retinyl palmitate, which is a non-irritating combination of retinol (pure vitamin A) and palmitic acid and helps cells turnover over. The powerful paraben-free concoction is topped off with the antioxidant action of brown algae lipid extracts. Algenist’s studies show within 2 hours of use, hydration is upped by 40%. And, 24 hours later, skin is hydrated 5x greater than when left untreated. Impressive.

The interesting thing about this face oil is the feel; while dry oils for the body tend to disappear faster than you can see, with this oil you get the same effect on the face. It’s so perfect for those of you shucking away a face oil for being a bit too much to wear during the day. The easily pumped pipette ensures you don’t waste a precious drop and the oil brings a lightness to skin, which will literally be glowing will health.

And, at a happily sized 1-ounce bottle, you’ll be set through both the fall and winter seasons.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Citrus
Viscosity: Ultralight Viscosity