In Pursuit of Musc

In all things fragrance and luxury, L’Artisan Perfumer is a prestige brand that sits on the periphery of the niche scent set and reigns from high up top. While my view on scent legends may be too literal minded, I will say it’s a commonly accepted fact that L’Artisan produces some of the finest fragrances and body care as any scent-obsessed world traveler knows. I mean this is the same brand that fashioned olfactory art out of berries and musk turning scent into an adventure at a time when heavier, convoluted scents were all the rage. Breaking the rules? You know I'm sold.

Getting a read of some of the better-made oils with their impressionable notes isn’t always an easy task. But, it’s one that I’m happy to undertake especially when the oil in talk is from L’Artisan. If you’re fan of a good, clean musk the Mûre et Musc Dry Body Oil ($70) is a soft, subtle and sexy scented oil that sees the fruity-musk com combo made wearable on its own or to layer with the namesake scent.

There are shifting perspectives on L’Artisan’s best selling scent that may lead you to think this is a fully berried oil, but don’t be swayed by any fond memories from your scent sniff. Rather I find the usually ingenious tart notes shy away from the full blast the part musky/part citrusy opening seen in the scent as expected. Here, the oil isn’t some sort of trivial consideration; it’s a muted version of the enigmatic interplay drenched deep in a base of Fractionated Coconut oil (which makes it fantastic for hair) and enhanced with Black Mulberry extracts. It’s a mood brightening scent almost close to that of a blackberry body wash but better. Way, way better.

The feathery light formula is clearly a strong suit for use on the legs for a glistening effect when wearing shorter skirts or for when you need a light, shower fresh feeling in the mornings.

As always, I’m intrigued by little Parisian brands that can do great big things with the simplest of ideas. L’Artisan - which may have its extremes in fragrance - can do no wrong on my skin. Ever.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight Viscosity