Blooming Chic

It’s been two and a half years since I first blogged about In Fiore - luxury purveyor of all things organic and infused. Two and half years later, I am still very much in love with all that they do.

If I haven’t tempted you to splurge at In Fiore just yet, this post may push you over the top. Julie Elliott’s oils and balms are for the thinking organic; no other luxury brand offers such a sense of discovery in an unconventional way like In Fiore. Here you’ll take great pride in learning about unsung essences, aged tinctures, and steeped oils, which seem almost lyrically rendered in ways that are equally as radical as they are exquisite each in their own jar or bottle.

From the intuitive infusion practices (based on ancient texts) with a near orthodox approach for blending to the fittingly obscure French names for products, Julie just gets oils like no one else. It's almost as though she takes great pleasure in getting to know her essences and herbs through touch as well as scent. And, that’s what I love most about In Fiore.

Well, that and how the brand has always avoided the petty fakery of mass marketing, which I happen to love. Take, for example, the ordering process. Instead of cluttering up your shipping box with useless or promotional puffery, In Fiore rather includes a ingeniously informative, archaic looking almanac on the alchemy of commonly seen ingredients to educate their buyers.

It’s a fascinating read that’ll give you more incidental intelligence on some fascinating fruits, veggies, herbs than you’d ever find on Google. And, a rousing way to get you to understand the potency of ingredients on just about any organic product you have. Some fun facts:
  • Cloves are used to attract love and money and for psychic protection
  • Figs symbolize the rewards of meditation
  • Licorice Root is said to make people who eat it more potent lovers
  • Saffron tea is said to greatly enhance the body’s healing powers
  • Vanilla bean when carried was thought to tune one’s consciousness to a higher level
They say good things always come in small quantities. Thankfully for us, #brokebloggers, most of the brand’s products now come in travel sizes, which have been priced affordably all guaranteed to bring out the gratuitous “oohs” and “ahhs” when they arrive so pristinely packaged.

Try one of these three amazing multitasking balms guaranteed to please any newcomer to the world of In Fiore – a brand that celebrates “a baptism in fresh, vibrant blooms”:

Bois De Rose ($85): all of In Fiore’s classic balms are made with Grapeseed, Jojoba, and Beeswax and come in this generously oversized jar that even serves as a diffuser of the scent when the semi-soft but super plumped balm has been used up. My absolute favourite from the brand is Bois de Rose. Carnal in nature, but delicate in its essences, you’ll find heart notes of a dusted Bulgarian Rose, slightly green Rosewood and a sly but earthy Vetiver note that leads to an innocent, yet joyously carnal scent. The senses go reeling into a dreamy state night when I use the soothing balm over the tired hands and weary feet to help me slumber in luxury. It’s this handiwork that has changed my thinking of balms for good.

Emmauelle Décolleté Balm Compact ($120): Marula, Rosehip, Evening Primrose and an infused Jojoba (with Calendula) gives special attention to the overlooked, delicate V-zones under the neck we too often forget to treat. Because the décolleté is thinner with fewer oil glands, it is more susceptible to sun damage, aging and irritation and slower to heal from injury and age related changes. Because the area ages at the same rate as your face, it should be treated in a similar fashion. The balm is formulated to reduce crepiness and even weathered skin tone to restore a more youthful appearance with Rosehips, which were brought to the New World by Spanish invaders. Rosehip oil (aka Rosa Mosqueta) is a wine colored oil from the ripened fruit and seeds of the Rosehip. It is extremely high in essential fatty acids and is a natural source of VitaminC and Tretinoin the active ingredient in retinols, both of which help speed up the process of skin regeneration. The balm is packaged elegantly in the gunmetal compact, which houses the soft and exhilarating notes of Neroli and Orange Flower oils. When applied at night, the sweetly fresh scent breeze upwards to calm the day’s frayed energy still buzzing about.

Chamomile Pedicurie Luxury Balm ($45): Skin is thickest of the bottom of the feet and often the most neglected. Chamomile Pedicurie helps revive, refresh and cure cracked dry skin with a serene blend brimming with Chamomile, Tangerine and Lavender oils to clear any infection and calm any soreness. Julie has created a moisturizing base from Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils which mimic skin’s own natural oils. The travel-friendly jar is easy to pack along for your bi-weekly pedi appointments and will work far better than any those bargain bin lotions most nail salons have on hand. Pun intended.

To conserve the full potency of essential oils, all balms are handblended at the lowest possible temperature. Fresh as possible is the edict at In Fiore.

It is about time these masterful skin saviours get their due. Beauty world, take note.