A Fond Farewell...

Dearest Readers,

With a heavy heart and sincere regrets, I’m deeply saddened to bid you all a fond farewell. While I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the new world of oils in a way I would have never thought possible, the time has come to retire from the fantastically fun world of blogging and venture on to a new chapter and passion.

I have so sweetly enjoyed the new friends I've met (online & in life) through this blog near and far and hope my little corner on oils in the beauty blogosphere has inspired more than a handful of women to enjoy the merits of a good oil. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest appreciation for the niche and mainstream brands, the generous publicists and innovative founders for their unwavering support of this passion. Without you – dear friends – this blog wouldn’t have gone as far as we did together and for that I am wholly grateful.

When I published my first post for my five close friends (who wanted to know why I loved a newly tried body oil so much) I didn’t have the faintest idea that anyone else would ever want to read about my musings. Really – I think I was the only one who sopped her hair in coconut oil every week! But, I was thrilled to see the readership grow from a group of gal pals to readers here and abroad. And, still to this day, I am thoroughly amazed at the loving emails, questions and suggestions you all have so graciously sent in.

This year has led to personal triumphs and new beginnings. As such, I will always be the girl in search of the perfect oil – Huile de Nav – despite having come so close to finding a few here. I wanted to wish you a warm thank you for your genuine friendship and support.

Farewell Huile Lovers,