Peachy Keen Fun From Fresh

Ok, I ‘fess up – I’m pretty unfaithful when it comes to a good body oil as some of the uniquely blended scents prove too irresistible to pass up. Sure, I’m thoroughly impressed with a roster of good ingredients and pure essences that smell like they’ve been bottled up just mere minutes before my open. But, I’m someone who can’t walk past a Sephora counter without stopping to sniff at anything that even remotely looks like an oil. And, if I happen to come across the purity of Peach in a clean and pleasant bottle, well then...woe be onto my Visa.

The impetus for change from my usual gluttony of roses? The sublime perfection of a powdery peach in Fresh’s Rice Dry Oil ($48). The name may be a tad misleading as my understanding is this product was launched in a now defunct "Memoirs of a Geisha" collection, which used classic Asian ingredients like Sake Rice Water and Ginseng Root extracts. The line may be gone, but I’m not surprised to see the oil (which has both these ingredients) has proved to stand the test of time and finicky tastes.

Why rice water? It's another age-old afterthought that proved to be a beauty boon. Centuries ago when Japanese rice farmers were rinsing their hand-harvested grains, they noticed supple, younger-looking hands as a result. The geisha took to this idea quickly and started washing their faces with the "first water of rice." And, so a legend was born only to be later uncovered by the founders of Fresh, who add it to our oil.

Nothing else smells like this on the market. Stare covetously at the crystalline bottle of buttery golden oils and you can’t help but wonder how the honeyed yet slightly tart smell with play onto your skin; I found the universally loved scent to be warm and classic, one that stays with you. Light and airy, the dry oil sinks into skin in a flash. Made from Jojoba, Borage, Grapeseed, and Rice Bran, it is a dry, dry oil.

Borage has got some pretty neat science behind it. Dr. Dennis T. Sepp (a Ph.D. chemist) cites strong evidence on how the oil plays an important role in restoring the intracellular moisture barrier of adult skin, which has either been chronically dry or has been environmentally damaged. Added to Borage are gentle amounts of Passionflower, Arnica, and Camellia extracts, which are highly effective with helping skin regain its inner health and balance.

The final feeling? The oil is thoughtful and luxurious but with a subtle beauty thanks to its cheerful notes. Bewary about the varying bottles. Sephora hasn’t updated their image of the product, which doesn’t come in the dated bottle shown here. Rather the oil comes in the one you see posted here. This matters because the newly improved version has a narrower opening helping you control the amount the oil you’ll want to pour freely without regret.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight Viscosity