Mowrah Butter Promises Perfection

If there is one product that Soapwalla has cornered the organic blogosphere on, it’s the brand's highly touted cream deodorant. I haven’t tried it myself, but it seems every organic and natural blogger has been raving about its uncanny ability to take care of both odor and sweat in a clean-scented way. Alas, this post isn’t about the aluminum-free cream.

It’s actually about Soapwalla and how this little under the radar brand has quickly risen the rungs of popularity with a full throttle thanks to the legions of fan who prefer the simple formulations that work easily over some overhyped marketing mission statement. None here, thankfully.

From the fairly easy sell of just a couple of products, Soapwalla has now scaled up to a becoming a full-service beauty line with the founder - Rachel Winard - cooking up small batches from the helm of her famed Brooklyn kitchen.

A labor of true love, Rachel creates her all vegan line using all-natural, food-grade ingredients (which go through less processing) in her critically lauded face and body care products with the watchful eye of a restless truth seeker of sorts. A classic violinist by training, Rachel was diagnosed with systemic lupus (a chronic, systemic autoimmune condition, which leads to skin issues) and as a result turned to remedial aromatherapy by studying Ayurveda's role in pure, authentic and effective body care by living & learning in India for four months.

Doesn’t Rachel sound like a long lost kindred sister of mine? Trip to India? Check. Ashtangi in training? Check. Love for essential oils? Super check.  So, it’s not surprise for me to hear about her Luxurious Body Oil ($28) even has an India-inspired ingredient - Mowrah Butter, which derived from the fruit kernels of the indigenous Madhuca tree.

I had yet to find a body oil that was made with Mowrah; the buttery oil knocks most anti-agers on their ass by preventing skin from drying out and revealing vibrant, smoother and hydrated looking skin with superb amounts of fatty acids, phytosterols and phospolipids. Formulated to immediately penetrate skin with skin-loving Jojoba, Rice Brand and Grapeseed oils, you’ve one surprisingly smooth oil that leaves zero trace of shine behind. The butter is a wonderstuff for stretch marks, too. Apply before bed to wake up with gorgeously plumped skin on hands and feet!

Sensitive skins and scent-free noses will appreciate the moisturizer as while pure Ginger, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange oils have been attentively blended into the formula, the fleeting result is faint, delicate and sweet leaving you feeling satisfyingly fresh and delightful.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Sweet
Viscosity: Ultralight Viscosity