Jasmine Calling

Jasmine, Frangipani, and Mandarin are among the aromatherapeutic world’s most popular essences used in a variety of oils, scrubs, and balms. But, to see their floral wake together in a dreamy and simply irresistible mélange - and certainly the best value in terms of quality for price – is a sheer skin fun. And, by now you know I’m more than a little excited for anything Jasmine.

The ultraniche Brit brand Elemental Herbology was founded by Kristy Cimesa (a qualified acupuncturist), who has a love for nutritious care made with bioactive ingredients with an approach that doesn’t seem as regimented as others. And, well you know of my uncompromising love for all thing things Eastern. From her line comes the Nourishing Body Oil ($48), which was created in the storied spirit of traditional Chinese medicine in which holistic treatments are a way of life.

The fabulousness of this oil lies in so many things; ardent Jasmine fans will appreciate a dense honeyed flower large and full in its first slather. The agile but discreet hints of Mandarin and Frangipani lend the loveliest touch to the honeyed smoothness of Jasmine. I find that beyond the standard hipness of floralcy in oils, this oil is one equal footing with a few of other luxury greats (like In Fiore and Aftelier Perfumes) to whom I’ve returned to quite frequently. It’s simply too graceful to have it sit around on the vanity table.

The roster of extremely natural and comforting oils is another thing that set this treatment apart from the usual Jojoba-based ones. Find here oils rich in emolliency; the supercharged Argan (for antioxidant action), Rosa Mosqueta (with Vitamin C to brighten), Sacha Inchi (bringing all 8 factors of Vitamin E), and Buriti (delivering the pre-cursor to Vitamin A which restores elasticity). These are some pretty great and classic flatterers of skin hydration, but Buriti’s work on helping deliver the potent antioxidants deeper into skin has even been supported by science. I really can’t think of any other notable exception that contains so many of today’s interesting oils on one bottle. What makes this the stuff of oil legend is the addition of Chaste Berry and Horsetail – two extracts which let the other oils do their transformative work on skin by boosting their free radical fighting powers. Nice.

As with most body oils, the scent doesn’t last as long as we’d love it to, but that’s what fragrances are for, right? The thinly weighted oil sinks like a dream as you’ll be able to get dressed in a flash if you need moisture in the mornings.

The final perfect touch? Elemental Herbology includes a pump with the bottle allowing you to choose your path of slather – a few drops for the décolleté or an open top for a full body slick. I wish more brands offered this tiny but significant detail as it really helps with keeping the tops of bottles spiffy and sticky-free.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight Viscosity