J’Adore Verbena

Everyone has a Verbena memory; nothing surpasses its clean, bright freshness with a touch of balmy Lemonness. On the cheap end (flooding from those hideous mall carts), you’ll likely be dipping your nose into some bathroom freshener, but on the best ones have a balanced riff on the aromatic citrus (no this doesn’t mean pricey). And, nothing beats a deliciously tangy tart burst, which is just the antidote for when the sun’s dry rays cut through skin and settle into layers of epidermis needing sloughing.

The fashionably French L’Occitane offers up a delightfully herby Verbena Body Salt Scrub, which is nothing short of transcendent, namely because of the pretty oils that cocoon skin after a good, gritty scrub with salts from the Mediterranean Sea. Spiked with a crisp cocktail of Orange, Geranium and Lemon extracts, sniff the bustling mingle of the green Verbena leaves found at the heart of this treatment.

Enjoy the post-bath silky texture from Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Apricot oils; the impressive hydrating capabilities are from the trio of carriers that are packed with absorbable nutrients and antioxidants, including skin-brightening vitamin C. Light and thin in feel, appreciate Grapeseed’s replenishing work on dry skin as it contains more linoleic acid than many other carrier oils. A quick rinse after the moderately grainy scrub is all you’ll need to seal in the moisture as the glossy film of moisture hovers over skin like a fine mist.

I’m still partial to scrubbing up in a well drawn bath as opposed to using any scrub in the slip n’ slide of a shower. If a swift 10-minute rinse is all the time you can afford, rinse the shower’s floor with a few capfuls of a foamy shower gel before stepping back into the light rain of well being.

Don’t forget to swirl the mixture with your finger and scoop up the product with the adorably cute wooden spoon before using this tension-melting scrub. You're just minutes away from dewy, taut, smooth skin with these salts.

$36 available at Loccitane.com.