First Look at Dilo Oil

Since launching in WeHo, Kate Somerville has had a string of skincare successes. Exfolikate - a NM Beauty Award Finalist - has legions of fans that love the trio of papaya, pumpkin and pineapple enzymes while the oxygen infused Dermalquench has been touted as botox-in-a-bottle for defying the sag with the skin plumping fave hyaluronic acid. The line’s point of sell isn’t just in the high-tech ingredients packaged in undeniably appealing sleek  tubes and jars, but in the fact that a facialist has created these from years of hands-on pimple popping and exfoliating experience on celebs...well, and on us mere mortals.

It could be said that Kate Somerville has built her entire career on selling good results, not just products. If so, that’s reason enough to trust in her expertise on oils. Kate first came across the oil from the Dilo fruit while vacationing in Fiji. The oil  helps the Fijian maintain their young, nymph-like skin despite being closer to the equator and the sun’s damaging rays. Kate says she saw Polynesian women in their 40s with the skin of women in their mid-20s. No surprise as the oil has been around for centuries, actually.

And, hence was born Kate Somerville’s newest serum incarnate – Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment ($65) and is going to become the stuff of legends as no other face oil uses Dilo to take skin from drab to fab in one overnight use.

The readily absorbed, coconut-scented face oil does absorb on the spot without a sliver of shine. The singular joy in the oil is the immense work of Dilo; it’s believed to possess a unique capacity to enhance the skin's own repair mechanism, thereby accelerating the healing of wounds to the skin. Kate’s intensified oil (which also has Moringa and Pumpkin Seed extracts) can be used for healing sunburn, windburn, dermatitis, dehydration, insect bites, acne, eczema, post microdermabrasion and even chemo dryness.

The proof is in the stats; clinical studies from Kate Somerville say that 100% of women who used her face oil saw improvement in firmness, elasticity and hydration. Plus, 87% saw more even skin tone and 75% of women saw their fine lines and wrinkles dramatically reduced.

Me? I’m in love with the slightly plumped up feel and of course, the  naggingly infectious Vanilla-tinged floral aroma that packs an sweet punch. I find myself choosing impactful fruity scents over the decadence of florals lately probably due to playing around with shower gels more than anything else, but I say this explicably elegant oil has something extra in the Vanilla; subtle traces of Jasmine and Plumeria that get cozy onto skin making me wish for a body oil version using the same veritable scent.

While oils are surely blowing up the beauty blogosphere, the Dilo oil treatment has even become the brand’s bestseller. And let's get real; a women's clear and youthful glow – whether here or in Fiji – never lies when the right oils are doing their deed.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight Viscosity