Argan's Light Sink

The prominent player in the world of Argan – Josie Maran – has launched a light version of its classic Argan oil. Dubbed 100% Pure Argan Oil Light ($48), Josie quietly released this lighter version for those of you who felt the original formula didn’t exactly seep into skin as quickly as you needed it to do so for the a.m. slather.
“I’ve been asking chemists for years if there was a way to get an ultra lightweight version of Argan Oil. After years of development, using a proprietary process we are able to release the lightest elements of Argan Oil while still maintaining all the amazing skin benefits. This new, ultrafast-absorbing, unscented version is the perfect partner to my classic 100% Pure Argan Oil,” says Josie. While Argan oils are aplenty in the marketplace, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that it that the best ones truly comes down to the sink quotient on skin. Argan Light does really feel less plumpy. It’s made with natural Argan Isostearylic Esters and does indeed melt into your face quicker than the heralded original though remains purposefully gentle for any skin type.

Once you genuinely concede to trying a slather of this likable serum, brace yourselves as you do get a matte finish with the same levels of hydration and reputed antioxidant activity. It’s the perfect way for typically wary newbies to try a face oil without that irrational fear of breaking out or wearing an imaginary greaseful glow on skin. It’s light enough to use on its own or as a drop added to your daily moisturizer.

Diet Argan for beauty on the go.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: None
Viscosity: Ultralight Viscosity