Argan On the Go

What is it: An Argan based hand treatment ($22) that softens, smooths, and soothes dry hands since you can’t exactly use drops of oils on your hands during the day at work, when typing, or for hailing a cab.

Why it matters: I’ve tried oils every which way – on the hair, overnight on the feet, droplets on the elbows and even on the lashes. But, using an oil on the hand isn’t productive during the day considering how much time I spend on the MacBook Pro,  the iPhone and in down dog. Yes, I like to give the hands an hour long moisture treatment during yoga class. But, now we have a hand cream - whipped in texture - that treats like an oil but feels like a cream.

Why it impresses:  The Vitamin E powered Argan oil is complemented with Shea Butter, which uses 5 fatty acids and 10 phenolic compounds (which have a profile similar to green tea) to help with transepidermal water loss and protect against environmental damage done while driving. And, when it comes to aging hands, the tote-friendly cream with the prettiest Vanilla scent (blended with Violet and Honeysuckle extracts) is perfect for weekly yoga hand exercises that favoured by celebs like Martha Stewart. Hands feel softer in seconds with a grease-free dry-down. But, don't stop at the hands. Do you need a quick fix for flyaways after you’ve left the house? A teensy drop of this works on the fly, too.

The Final Word: Soft smelling genius in a tube.