A Spanish Gardenia To Covet

Gardenia fans, take note. The cult label – Red Flower – offers the enchanting floral in paraben-free scrub form. With a fondness for finding those rare but rigorously sought after ingredients from around the world, Red Flower’s Isla Das Rocas doesn’t disappoint in the near bit.

South Atlantic sea salts – strong in the grit factor - are blended within certified organic Safflower oil, which will soften dry areas, smooth rough patches, and even alleviate beauty woes, improving both the texture and tone of your skin with its highly linoleic makeup. The boon here is for acne skin types, who may get the pesky back break-outs from strapless bras & bikini tops. Dr. Kristie Leong (a family physician and contributor to Yahoo's Health & Wellness site) found that a study published in Clinical Experimental Dermatology showed that when linoleic acid was applied to the skin for one month it caused a reduction in the size of blackheads and whiteheads. Yes, an oil-based but non-oily (there's very little oil to stir up) scrub actually helps you get rid of under the skin bumps. While aloe leaf and algae extracts help soothe the skin from any overzealous scrubbing, you’ll find the scent compelling you to continue.

The flowery beauty of Tuberose, Jasmine and Gardenia enriched with golden hints of Orange Blossom makes me wonder why the well-traveled brand hasn’t formulated the same mischievously amorous scent in a body oil to match? Yet? I beg of you Yael…please do offer us the same incredibly inviting, dreamy and addictive scent in oil form to caresses skin lovingly after a bath.

To mark the end of summer, everyone needs to slough off the dead skin. And, if you don’t see the bottom of the jar within a month’s time...well then...you’re just scrubbing all wrong.

$36 available at Beautyhabit.com.