Sensitive Skin Scrubbing

What is it: A non-abrasive scrub ($27.95) for those of you with sensitive skins needing some buffing without the scrape.

Why it matters: Because the scrub is in an emulsion of Coconut, Dilo Nut, Macadamia Nut, and Sikeci Nut oils and is quite possibly the gentlest body scrub I’ve tried. The velvety Sikeci oil, in particular, is high in Vitamins A, E, and F, which help to strengthen the skin as you polish weekly.

Why it impresses:  Most of you fear the scrapey scrubs. Some like it rough; others like a moderate grate. But, sensitive skins will likely have trouble trying to pick an ambivalent mass-marketed scrub off the net hoping it won’t exasperate any redness or other skin condition. Pure Fiji’s is perfect for you folks. I’d say it’s even gentle enough to use on the neck, feet and hands, which gives you a triple whammy for your bucks. Fragrant Mango and Pineapple extracts – playfully scrumptious in their fruity fullness – lightly exfoliate and leave skin tinged with the sweet tropical scent. And, the pump formula is a win for travel.

The Final Word: The sulphate-free formula is sure to be a saving grace for those hating on salts and sugars.