Oils of Vintage Cheer

This is the story of some merry – and somewhat savvy – oils. Really, for you those of you looking to find some exceedingly fruity fun, look no further than Margarita Bloom’s colourful concoctions. These are oils that cleverly but reverently mixes organic essences and fine scents in a way that is so addicting, they’ll make you wonder why you ever stopped at a Bath & Body Works sale to stock up on those amateurish lotions n' more. Ok, so I’m a bit partial to goods made with a luxe intent and organic spirit. But, I’m still asking for a collective ick. 

Come midsummer, there’s nothing more fun than the candied sweetness in our scents and body care. And, no one captures this sweet fancy better than Margarita Bloom’s oils, scrubs and perfumes. The brand has been a pet fetish of mine; I’ve been sneakily stalking the founder on Twitter because she's a serious cut above the bumper crop of cutesy brands that we see peddled to the tweens as they clutter up the aisles of Sephora. See, Regina Debreczeni actually gets and creates from what I believe in; she wholly understands the meaning of the idyllic beautifying experience without the shrill of hyped marketing or insanely uquestionable price tags.

First off, the dizzying site is so much fun! The mesmerizing miles of cotton candy pink stripes stretched across the pages, each skillfully wed to the adorable winks of pretty fair maidens always tempts me to point, click and buy almost everything  in a way very few kitschy brands can manage to do. Margarita Bloom – from the get go - is flirty, fun and outrageously cool in my book. Why the lackadaisical buyers at Bloomingdales haven’t picked up on this brand is beyond me. And, really a testament to how dead mall shopping has become, but I digress...

Let’s get to it; the Smitten Kitten Shirley Sweet Pea Body Oil ($25) is the only kind of oil I’ve ever seen with the sweet freshness of colourful blossoms. This just smells pretty and pink as the girlish innocence of the Sweet Pea is so much better than any bargain bin body lotion you’ll ever find for $5. Blended in organic Sunflower & Rosehip oils, you also get the double heft of Camellia and Jojoba with the sinfully delicious indulgence that is bottled up in spray form. Why Sunflower? It contains an extremely high amount of Vitamin E, which is crucial in the prevention of damage to sensitive skin cells by ultraviolet sunlight. Additionally, studies have shown that Vitamin E may prevent scarring, smooth the appearance of existing wrinkles and generally improve the appearance and health of your skin.

The oil sinks in like a dry one and leaves you sniffing again and again. Occupation hazard here, folks as it delights me all day long.

The perfect complement to this darling moisturizer is the Cosmopolitan Girl Cherry Lemonade Sugar Scrub ($35). Olive Fruit and Sunflower oils are blended with Acai Berry and topped off with a rose bud in this fantastically fun skin slougher. As the warm weather switcharoos with cooler, balmy nights, the sugar scrub helps give a good moderate scruff while leaving skin scented lightly with the gentle tartness of Cherry. Bewarned; you’ll want to grab a spoon and dip in like it’s dessert. I know I wanted to. But, didn’t.

Perfume oils just got twice as interesting with Aphrodite ($24). For the pulse points, enjoy the simple scent of sugary Caramel and Vanilla, both of which shamelessly flirt with the staggering sweetness of a definitely discernible fresh spun Cotton Candy. If sweet nothings were to be whispered in my ear, this would surely be worn right below. The resulting Vanillic scent can’t help but form a halo atop skin, unlike most which seep into the pores. Goodness gracious me…sniff, sniff...I almost stopped blogging at this point as the perfume - an anomaly in its own right - is unforgettably sensuous with a good staying power. Two hours on my skin.

When you order up, be sure to ask for a sample of the forthcoming Malibu Body Oil; it’s a surprisingly complex oil with freshly bloomed Jasmine seamlessly paired with skin caressing musk and cursory strands of Cotton Candy, which don't overload the senses. Coolly seductive, I'm going to bet it's going to be a best seller soon enough.

So much retro fun here, that I’ll have to mollify my beloved rose before asking it to…move over. Nostalgia is here to play.

And, being a Leo, I think you can guess where I'll be spending my big day next month...*wink, wink*.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Fruity
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity