Mad for Mongongo Oil

Welcome back to Africa, the continent where still undiscovered centuries old oils are making their way to your beauty products. First came Argan. Then came Marula. Now arrives Mongongo.

In ways, the nut is both pretty (it’s egg-shaped and reddish) and unique (read on) in its own right. Native to the Manketti tree, the Mongongo nut actually collected…uh… from elephant dung; the mammoths feast on these but can't crack the nuts and so pass them through in tact making it less labor intensive than harvesting the fruit and extracting the nut on its own. Fear not, as the nut is still kept in pure form when it's collected. It's just easier to let the oversized beasts do the picking.

Now, that we’ve gotten that cutesy organic fact out of the way, let’s get to the Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Hair Treatment ($36) recently launched by the curl experts at Ouidad. As a blogger with baby fine hair prone to frayed ends after a few short weeks, this spray-on hair oil is a fantastic find for all types, I’d say.

Mongongo – swith uperbly hydrating, regenerating and restructuring properties from high levels of fatty acids and Vitamin E - is infused with American Palm Seed Oil and Broccoli Seed Oil to coddle the locks with balanced moisture levels. It almost feels as if the tresses have thickened slightly without bring weighed down with greasy residue. An interesting note about Mongongo is how the fatty acids (eleostearic, to be specific) polymerizes rapidly under UV light to form a protective film on hair. Intrinsic sun protection and treatment in one makes this a win for summer as moveable hair is a must have in my book.

While curls will undoubtedly be left playfully bouncy with an incredibly smooth, glossy sheen, the oil works equally on straighter locks that get the flat iron/Brazilian blowout abuse that seems all too common these days. A few spritzes on the hand (skip the direct scalp app) serves as an easy de-frizzing spot treatment and will smooth flyways when ponying up the tails or wearing side parts as I normally do for the day job. The silicone/sulfate/wax free formula is super light and absorbed into the hair rather than just coating the surface uselessly. And, it rinses with one lather up.

And, that refreshing beachy scent that brings a soft coconut-like floral scent? By no measure is it overly sweet, but I know you’ll go gonzo all over it in a flash of a spritz.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity