Fair Trade Beauty of a Balm

I may have survived summer’s dry heat in Los Angeles, but the one thing that my skin on the chin – dry and taut – has come down with a case of the embarrassing peelies. You know when the old skin being sloughed from the Retin-A wants to peel off in teensy little bits, but holds on for dear life when you’re trying to cover up with a dab of foundation?

It’s this time of year in July when I am usually prone to that one dastardly cystic zit on my chin like clockwork. It might be that one wayward sebaceous gland or just a random act of ugliness from nature, but one thing is for sure – the derm’s records don’t lie. It happens every July, much to my chagrin.

To prevent its unsightly appearance, my derm suggests ramping up my Retin-A use every night for this one week to help the skin cells turn over in mad fury and beat the blemish from its pre-plan of attack. It's July 30 and so far so good, but the one casualty is the thirst for moisture, which was quenched with Dr. Bronner’s Orange Lavender Body Balm ($4.71).

Immediately soothing and hydrating, this universal everyday balm - scented with mind-scrambling herby smelling Orange and Lavender oils - comforts any patch of dry skin leaving it cashmere soft and instantly calmed with Jojoba and Hemp Seed oils. For those new to Hemp, the Omega-rich oil can prevent moisture loss in the skin, help prevent premature aging and is effective in maintaining moisture balance. And, yes, the psychoactive compounds have been removed, for those hoping for more than some moisture here.

I’m always partial to USDA-approved beauty balms as they signify the purest of the pure. But, Dr. Bronner’s products and ingredients are not only certified under the USDA National Organic Program, but also certified Fair Trade. These qualifiers aren’t just having a moment in beauty, but truly show a brand’s commitment to the deep respect for ethical and sustainable harvesting of organic elements.

The best part is the vintage-inspired, teeny tin is all you'll need to pack in any petite clutch or oversized shopper next to the iPhone and credit card.

Carrying less always makes me happy.