The organic, unrefined Coconut oil is felt on the skin after the rinse. The skin-nurturing glide of Almond helps skin stay hydrated even after the hottest of showers. Organic cane sugars and sea salts give a moderately good slough – slightly rough for sensitive skins, but ideal for all others – and help the carrier oils get in deeper to work their moisturizing magic. I was sitting in my weekly bath when I realized what sets this fantastic Etsy find apart from the others – Tuberose.

Tuberose has been around since the glittering age of perfumery; with its scent for the dramatic, Tuberose’s widely reputed (and debated) gorgeous femininity captures the hearts of so many fragrance aficionados that it’s hard to imagine any tropical or summery scent without it’s characteristic floral luminescence.

In body care, not so much. Most mall store versions happen to be made from cheaply amassed aromachemicals, which shamelessly passing themselves off as some alluringly rich flower. And, we all know the watered scents end up giving us a second rate pungent waft at best. While the technical merits of a carefully composed chemical scent don’t offend, the tacky replications of the pure essence found in most basic scrubs and butters do. And, that’s why I tend to stay away from them and steer towards the organic.

Let’s take a moment to consider this genuine Boneflower Sea Salt and Sugar Scrub on Etsy. Boneflower or Omixochit (oh me" zu che'tl) is the name given to the Tuberose flower by the Aztecs. Fine and distinct, the scented scrub has a delicately restrained scent; essential oils of Tuberose interwoven with Palmarosa add a spellbindingly sweet touch to my bath and skin.

Immaculately blended, the medium grained scrub proves an almost too pretty Tuberose can be found outside a spray bottle. It rinses easily, leaving a soft veil of scent on skin and awaits its complementary body butter to help you complete the fragrance harmonizing fun. Together, they make an elegant, easily traveled gift set, too.

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