Blooming Youth

What more could be said about an oil? Sure, plenty have graced my skin, and a few even warrant the title of a serum. But, one precocious blend of Neroli, Bulgarian Rose, and Frankincense oils ought to make it on your top 10 list of must-try’s – In Fiore’s Complexe de Fleur ($150, travel size available).

It’s the kind of elevated luxury I have come to expect from In Fiore. And, it’s the kind of fresh spin on essences that the brand always delivers. If any one treatment can give an adrenaline jolt of infused freshness, it’s this serum. I say serum because you’re meant to use this skin soother under a face oil. Is there anything more glorious than using Rose with…more Rose? Nourrit fans know what I’m talking about.

The treatment is really a modernist take on age-old tinctures and extracts. All ingredients are organic, biodynamic or wildcrafted. Some of the interesting miracle workers include Aloe Vera Gel with its many polysaccharides, mannans, anthraquinones, and lectins to soothe; Rosehip Seed oil and extracts to penetrate dry or damaged skin, and a hefty dose of a Calendula Blossom infusion, which brings re-epithelizing activity and speeds healing (Alonso J., 2004). And, of course, In Fiore’s tidied up tinctures, which always makes me wonder who at In Fiore gets carte blanche to the making of these surreptitious decoctions.

Anyone who tries this elixir will attest to its ''harmoniousness.'' Rich and nicely integrated, Complexe de Fleur feels immensely like a dew-drenched serum; there’s no oily feel and no shine left behind as it sinks in so fast you’ll wonder where you spot tested it. Dizzying at its start, be sure to deeply inhale the resinous but smooth Frankincense, which lends a soft glow to a dusky Bulgarian Rose in such an elegant orchestration. Held aloft is the best captured but swift Neroli, which spruces up the blend with the lightness of citrus.

If you’re not a devoted fan of face oils just yet, this is a beautifully inscrutable serum to try as it offers the benefits of an oil in an emulsion form. Essences and extracts as old as time, but skillfully formulated for the brave new world of oils.

Though some might say the firmer, brighter skin is the real treat here. Me? I'd wholly agree.