Bikini Bump Buster

Ingrowns. The bane of every girl’s existence. Whether you demurely prune up the tuft or pop in for the thong-friendly Brazilian, bikini waxing…or any type of waxing for that matter…can lead to those dreaded, red, inflamed bumps thanks to ingrown hairs. While I get the naughty bits are a private affair for most, let’s get to the girl talk on how tortuous skin bombs form.

“Some people naturally suffer from ingrown hairs, particularly in the bikini area where hair tends to be curly,” says Neal Schultz, MD, a New York City dermatologist. But yanking hair out at the root can also be a problematic. Waxing or plucking can strip the hair canal, pulling off the protective channel that guides hair up through the skin. “If the hair has any sort of curve, there’s a good chance it won’t break through the skin properly and will become ingrown,” Schultz shares.

Treating ingrown hairs doesn’t just mean pulling them out; ladies need to work on preventing them before they appear or stop them in their tracks with a little exfoliating and moisturizing help as the combination of these allows the skin to be more pliable, encourages the hair follicle to open up, and release the wayward stray.

Azar Moayeri (a chemical engineer by trade) gets this and has formulated what I think is a rare oil serum find that helps curb these nasty, bulbous break-outs – Azulene Oil ($10). See, Azar has been formulating all natural hair removal products for over 25 years under her brand name Parissa; long before it was hip to go green, she understood that toxic chemicals and fillers made no skin sense. And, that’s why you don’t see any in this bikini bump buster.

The crystalline blue serum in spray form is largely made from Azulene, which is the active botanical oil distilled from German Chamomile flowers. No only is this a skin soother, but Azulene also reduces redness, razor burns and prevents ingrown hair by helping regenerate new skin cells.

Whether you’re a fan of ouch-less shaving or full scream waxing, Azulene Oil ought to be a mainstay in your bathroom (or tucked in the bag during a wax visit) as the pro's trust highly in Chamomile's softening work. I popped in for my monthly muff touch-up way down there a few days back….and well…let’s just skip the tortuous details and get to the oil.

It’s smooth. Very smooth. Not only does the lightweight oil help rid you of any waxing bits left behind (no pun intended), the satiny menthol crystals blended with the Azulene cool down raw skin on the spot. It’s a non-greasy dry oil without any scent that leaves skin feeling supple, but not fatty. A couple of spritzes did indeed kill the waxing sting! I tend to get the feel of a bump within a few days of a wax job and have to say nothing came out. I suspect this oil will work wonders on those of you prone to ingrowns on the thighs or elsewhere. And, remember to exfoliate afterwards with an organic scrub, loofah or gentle dry brush over towel-dried skin (or in the shower, if you have sensitive skin) every other day to thwart the wicked curlies.

Of all the beauty things we ladies spend on, make this $10 treat a must for your lady bits no matter what pubic path you choose to follow...

PS - I do plan to post updates after the next session or so, so please check back in another ouchful month...

Price: $
Scent Classification: None
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity