A Sweet Slather of Sandalwood

More than a few oil fans get obsessed with sandalwood and for very good reason. Next to fragrances, Sandalwood’s oil is so commonly used in a variety of body oils but not often highlighted as the heart of scent. Indie Lee – the organic beauty world’s latest noncommercial darling - has changed that up with the Patchouli Sandalwood Moisturizing Oil ($36).

Most body oils have some rendition of Rose, Orange, or Lavender, which often leads to the boredom with oils. I say selecting a beautifully scented body oil is almost as important as choosing your daily fragrance. Faced with a bottle of Sandalwood oil, I’m reluctant to hop onto the hippy scent train and regale a tale of that genteel silkiness that Sandalwood fans have come to appreciate. Rather, I’d like to talk about why this heavily scented oil is a perfect one for the energy of summer days.

The elegant linger of a surprisingly sugary Patchouli paired with the Sandalwood is full of vitality and voluptuousness. The delicious Sandalwood is soft and sweet and without the incensey waft of India as you’d expect. Oh, it is unquestionably a woody (almost ambery) infusion enlivened with the exceptionally wonderful Patchouli, but it doesn’t veer towards the dark or pungent side of these essences. Seductive sprinkles of Ylang Ylang help add a bit of smooth floral harmony to the edge of Patchouli resulting in a scented oil that you can layer so easily with just about any Vanilla scent you choose. My vote goes for this preciously creamy delight.

The 100% natural essentials are nestled in a lightweight base of Jojoba and Apricot; the latter which brings Vitamins A & E to rehydrate skin and slow signs of aging. Apricot (like Jojoba) is finely textured penetrates skin easily, making this oil fantastic for the legs as the hemlines rise. The grease-free, plumpy feel of the oil makes skin feel protected even through the night.

The best thing about going out on a limb with a new scent is how you can also play up the Sandalwood with other oils needing new life, which is a boon to those of you who already have a wardrobe of body oils to play with.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Woody
Viscosity: Slightly Viscous