100 Percent Pure Goodness for Skin

The one thing I share with the philosophy behind 100 Percent Pure is my thoughts on those useless cheap fillers and how so many mass marketed skin care brands insist on adding in thickeners and emulsifiers to just about any body cream, lotion, or balm. I think everyone gets the importance of staying hydrated, but not everyone understands how extraneous chemical fluff mostly serves to plump the bottom line of any brand. Cost-cutting measures, anyone? Admittedly, I haven’t gone entirely green just yet with my skin care. But, I will say when it comes to my balms and oils, there’s no place for iffy chemicals snuck in on the sly.

The Intensive Healing Balm ($25) is among those few certified organic brands that is USDA approved and even OTCO approved. The double whammy means the incredibly passionate - near vigilant - blenders behind the brand take full liberties with the natural wonders of oils. This multitasking salve uses the creamy, the rich, the ivory Avacado Butter (yes, that’s the spelling when the butter is derived from the Avocado fruit oil through a unique hydrogenation process), which brings copious amounts of Vitamins A, B, G and E that penetrate on the spot. When blended with the semi-solid Shea Butter, you’ve got one doubly rich balm that provides long-lasting hydration for all-day moisture protection.

The scrumptious fun begins when you grab a dollop of the granular balm to melt between your fingertips. Granular means it’s the unprocessed Shea Butter, which has been medically proven to heal minor skin irritations. But, oh watch the myriad of oils (Almond Butter, Grapeseed, Seabuckthorn, and Blackcurrant) transform into a golden liquid in a flash. The slightly herbal scent from a dusted yet dry Lavender/Rosemary duo doesn’t smack you forcefully with their essential oil rush, but softly like grazing across green grass.

The glistening balm is one of those must have overnight treatments for the feet, but works equally well on chapped lips and flaky elbows. Heck, I even smoothed a teensy bit on my split ends as an impromptu hair pomade and didn’t see nor feel any heaviness or grease. A resounding win for ingenuity!

And, since we’re deep into the throes of summer heat, nothing beats a getting a good foot, back and body scrub before using this balm. And, trust in 100 Percent Pure to give us seriously under appreciated, but finger-lickin’ good sweet scrubs ($25) that soften skin’s toughest spots. I’m thinking of those yoga classmates with calloused feet.

All are vegan, gluten-free, and are made from evaporated Cane Juice blended with Acai, Prickly Pear and Pomegranate Seed oils – three carriers highly rich in antioxidants. The nostalgia for crystallized candied treats and staggeringly sticky-sweet confections come to mind when trying to settle on just one scented scrub on the site’s tightly edited menu that reads more like an ice cream counter than a beauty one. The oil factor is pretty high in these, but I’d venture to guess all are guaranteed to hit your sweet spot as these perfumed, effervescent, tangy, juicy botanical sloughers have it all.


Strawberry Lemonade: finely crushed Strawberry and Lemon fruit are bathed in a wash of Goji Berry, Maqui Berry, Raspberry, Elderberry, and Honeysuckle oils which smell like the freshest basket of sweet creamy dipped sugar sprinkled berries imaginable. A hint of tanginess comes from the sparkling fruit kiss of sweet Grapefruit. So addictingly delectable, you won’t want to rinse this off.

White Peach: a rare find on its own, the silky swathes of a jammy Peach entwined with the beautifully balanced Blackberry, Raspberry and Elderberry oils are the perfect and satisfying summer notes. So sweet and juicy, you’d think the spellbinding scent could melt into your mouth. If you dare to taste, that is…

Artificial fragrances and preservatives? The scented are all-natural and hydrate enough to allow you to skip a body oil. And you won’t need preservatives as you’ll use these up faster than trying to whip up a DIY batch yourself.