Wow Up Skin With Wine

Talking about oils is a lot like talking about the chicken or the egg; did we start using essential oils first or did we start creating products with these oils first. Whatever you may think about the oil’s sudden ascendancy to popularity, one thing stands – there are plenty of interesting beauty products on the market that use high concentrations of oils that you may not even know about.

Now, let’s talk about wine. Whether it’s red, white, or even ros├ęs, the thrill of discovering a fabulous new wine is always in the grace of its layers, individuality, freshness, bright fruits, structure, balance and exhilarating length. Much like a fragrance actually.

But, this isn’t about the languor of a good wine or oil. It’s about how I came across a line of dry powder masks that combines the best of both. Why wine? According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Satish Arolkar, l-tartaric acid in wine stimulates the development of new cells in the skin's outer layers. Even Dr. Oz (Oprah’s fave) believes in the benefits of an at-home wine facial.

Zaaina Skincare is one of those under the radar brands; organic and local, intimate in its style, and all about the ingredients, less about the marketing fluff. And, as dry powders are a new, but overlooked category (still needing an identity, if you ask me), there are plenty of interesting reasons to elect one over the usually crackled, green gloop:
  • A dry mask is 100% natural
  • It eliminates the need for any preservatives for the longer shelf life
  • It lasts much longer,  doesn't dry out, and is perfect for travel
  • The mask allows you to add a wide variety of additives like natural juices, yogurt, eggs, milk, or even wine to create an ideal consistency
  • And, they offer up double the product for your buck.
Dry powder masks might be misunderstood by the masses, but Zaaina’s masks take the guesswork out shopping for one; these uniquely tailored treatments are created with 100% organic herbs, powders and essential oils to address a wide variety of skin issues. My choices: The Extra Glow and Green Tea and Lemon Face Masks ($15 each).

The Extra Glow brings Lemon Coconut, Turmeric and Honey powders with Bentonite Clay, which works in unison to absorb impurities. Turmeric has been used for centuries in India, where even brides slather its paste all over their bodies before a marriage ceremony. When used in combo with Honey and Milk, you’ve got a gently exfoliating, citrus-scented mask that won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin types.

The Green Tea offers up Lemon, Honey, Rice, and medicinal Green Tea powders to help problematic skin rid itself of breakouts from under the skin and even out the overall tone. Green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant and naturally contains tannic acid, theobromine, and polyphenols – all of which ease and repair skin. The stealth Lemon-y scent here has a slightly more medicinal, almost Mediterranean feel to it.

The natural, bracing acidity of my glistening sleek and juicy J. Lohr seemed to give the masks a bite. Add equal parts of wine and powder to form a semi-dense paste, slather across skin, and let sit for about 10-15 minutes. The masks don’t dry up to a crackly, tight finish like the goopey green ones, but rather leave look looking full refreshed. Here's Mama Huile wearing the Extra Glow, which left her skin seriously three shades lighter! Since good Indian mothers don't drink red wine, we added a straight up shot of lemon juice.

Zaaina is highly aware of some potent herbs, which are full of individuality and complement essential oils so very well. But, at $15 a tub, it's worth the buy considering you still get your DIY fun without the need to crush up some fruits and herbs...and get to sip on some vino while you detox.

The start of summer skin fun has never been more enticing...