Rosewater Utilities

You know Caldrea for handy household goods with a startling scent quality. Recently, the brand’s gotten a facelift and made all things utilitarian quite chic and appealing with colourful graphics and edgy packaging. Take for instance the Rosewater Driftwood Hand Balm ($10). It makes complete sense to stock a hand balm next to the sink and protect hands immediately from the harshness of Ajax. Beauty in the kitchen? Why didn’t I think of this like 10…15…20 years ago when I was assigned weekly chores despite being a straight A kid? Never mind.

It’s no easy task to protect the hands day or night. Face it – it’s the most neglected part of our beauty regimes. Do so with the physically elegant Shea Butter based balm, which also has Sweet Almond oil blended into the goop-free formulation. I say this because unlike those greasy counterparts (which work well at night), you can use this balm after doing the dishes and go straight to the computer keyboard without any fear of getting the keys…goopy.

Protect, moisturize and replenish dehydrated hands with just a little dollop of the concentrated cream, which goes a long way. As you know the charm of Shea Butter (rich in fatty acids and plant sterols) is that it spread so nicely and easily to visibly smooth away crepiness. And, did you know there is evidence there is evidence to suggest that cinnamic acid esters in Shea fat help to prevent skin damage from ultraviolet radiation? Daytime TLC should be a must. The diminutive tube is a win for the desk, car, gym or travel bag.

The scent? A wonderfully warm accord of Cedarwood carries the Rose into a woodsy realm while Chamomile lies in the base of the balm’s fragrance.  Also available in a matching candle ($20), which you can keep in the kitchen to help you get rid of smelly cooking sessions with fish or masalas with a moderate throw.

Since the tortuous bridal shower season is in full swing (can you tell I'm a single gal), I can think of no better gift than this duo for the kitchen or bedroom. Let’s face facts – no one wants yet another thoughtless, tired ‘ole tote bag of Victoria’s Secret shower gels.

Price: $
Scent Classification: Floral
Texture: Creamy