Love For The Tahitian Flower

Lalicious has gained a true following in me. I’ve been quietly obsessed with the scrubs. It’s not that the Sugar Cane scrub (which provide natural glycolic exfoliation) is perfectly grainy (not too harsh, not too gentle); it’s not the uber-cute and colourful packaging that so easily implies the little sensory pleasures are going to be full of fun. It’s the off-the-charts, non-synthetic scents that get to me each time and make shower time a whole other sort of experience.

Sugar Kiss was unbelievably licking off the stacked fluffy frosting from a layered birthday cake. I ran out of the tub in a week and a half. Sure, it’s because I’m tall and scrub up the right way. But, it was also because I loved the soft veiled scent that lay atop skin after a rinse. Repeat sniffs were in order that night.

The Tahitian Flower Sugar Soufflé Scrub invites that same type of linger thanks to the sweet, heady and attractive fragrance of the Tahitian flower. Snow white in its purity, the magic of the scrub awakens the senses and shimmers lightly on the skin as the floral sweetness is released with a gentle hand. The real game changer in Lalicious is the authenticity of its fragrance and essential oils. Tahitian Flower has a creaminess that is unquestionably synonymous with the kind you'd find in some mall-based body lotion flanking some high-priced scent, but I’ll say it’s way, way better here. Lalicious’s version is so heavenly sweet that you could actually eat it.

But, you won’t because skin, not salivary glands, come first. Dry patches are gone with a thorough scrub and skin is duly moisturized with the finesse of Coconut and Sweet Almond oils. While Coconut conditions the skin, Sweet Almond (with a touch of Honey) acts as a humectant to help prevent the loss of moisture. And, you won’t need a body oil after scruffing up with Lalicious as this is like a two-ffer. And, pretty fantastic for those of you who self-tan.

Trust me when I say you won’t find another Tahitian Flower scrub with the requisite sweet breath that is notable and memorable. Another unexpected find from Lalicious that I expect to get again.

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