Kissable Skin

What is it: A sugary sweet scrub ($34) that’s made with…well, organic cane sugar! And, Coconut oil to moisturize as you slough.

Why it matters: Candied Vanilla is the real star here with its smooth delivery, but it’s also enhanced with a gentle touch of citrus and the gentle presence of Rose oils, which layer beautifully with light floral scents. Because sugar-based scrubs tend to leave the oil on skin, you step out of the shower with a sheer, lacy and lingering sweetness that doesn’t annoy or offend. No, this is one scent that teases with a deliciously delectable cloud of pink spun cotton candy minus the cloy.

Why it impresses: The Coconut oil softens the scruff, which isn’t harsh on skin. Scientific studies at NYU show how Coconut oil is the preferred choice for treating dry, rough and scaly skin. In the shower, the crystalline sugar cane crystals give a moderate scrub without the heavy grate of those salted kinds and rinses clean. I’d say the treatment is gentle enough to use all over twice a week without worrying about getting too abrasive of an action.

The Final Word: Guaranteed to satisfy every gal who loves her Vanilla body care.