A Juice Fast For Skin

Sending my warmest apologies to sensitive skin types, but you’re going to have to skip this one. It’s rare to see a purely organic serum that may not work for everyone until you realize just how potent the naturally occurring AHAs in Visage Vitale ($120) can be. That’s the case here; Aloe Leaf Juice, Irish Moss and Apple Cider Vinegar make up a rich, seductive texture in this spray on serum. ACV?

Well, what about it? Many people may not believe in the curative gains of ACV, but I say the time for the vinegar has come. Even the perfectly reasonable girl can't ignore the mystical powers of ACV, which gets into your pores to prep skin for receiving a face oil. As many face oil fans tend to veer towards the organic side of shopping, there are very few options in the serum space that work synergistically with oils. Look no further than this.

ACV finds it glory in complexion perfecting Visage Vitale. It's a lightweight spray treatment that integrates beautifully into any skincare regime to help detox skin by a tonic action that promotes blood circulation in the small capillaries that irrigate the epidermis. Early adopters agree that the miracle of ACV is in its ability to dissolve excessive fatty deposits at the surface of the skin (which can clog pores). And, for those who can’t wait to unfurl their towels at the beach, ACV will also reduce temporary sunburn or peeling conditions thanks to its alkaline nature. Because of these, you can even try the astringent Visage Vitale as a spot treatment over the sporadic monthly zit.

Lightly infused with sweet oils like Geranium, Neroli and Saffron, the serum is medicinal in its spritz. In particular, Saffron (appreciated by ancient and modern cultures alike) is used to help brighten uneven, lackluster skin tone making this organic gem studiously interesting. In Fiore has zeroed in on some fantastically regenerative tinctures and herbs with serious science behind them to complement ACV's healing.

Use the treatment every other night before your face oil spritzing a bit into the palm of your hands and pressing into skin.  My own feeling is that Visage Vitale is a definite must for your weekly at-home spa nights. When used after exfoliation or a mask, the tonic sinks in deeper and draws it brightening action from Grapefruit, Pineapple and Papaya Fruit extracts.

Visage Vitale’s work is quite simple in its final results, but you can tease so much more out of skin with its regular use.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Herbal
Viscosity: It's in spray form