Tummy Oil Obsession

What is it: A specially formulated tummy saver ($70) that prevents stretch mark formation on a woman with child. How does it work? Using the oil during the pre-pregnancy phase or during the initial months helps add extra elasticity to skin, which keeps the unsightly reddish squiggles away. What are they exactly? The dermis, the lower layer of your skin, is more fragile than the outer epidermal layer. When subjected to constant pressure for weeks or months such as during pregnancy or after rapid weight gain, it can lose its elasticity. When this occurs, stretch marks form. Leslie Baumann, MD, director of the University of Miami Cosmetic Center and author of The Skin Type Solution says, "It is crucial to moisturize. Skin becomes more pliant, more plasticized, and better able to stretch when it's well hydrated."

Why it matters: Because stretch marks aren’t limited to women who are procreating. Stretch marks can be found on thighs, breasts, arms, hips, and derrieres of any woman at nearly any age. Including yours truly...Are you thinking of stepping up your workout game with some serious bodybuilding? You’ll be prone to getting these as thanks to the rapid bulk gain. Are you slightly a few pounds heavier but not exactly obese? Ditto.

Why it impresses: The carefully selected, fair trade belly oils are cold-pressed, unrefined, and entirely organic. Marula has higher amounts of Vitamin E than Argan and most other carriers. Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Baobab, and Jojoba bring even more E in this lightweight, easily absorbed formula. Vitamin C - from Rosehip and Marula - helps brighten and tone the stretched out skin to reduce the appearance of the deep marks. And, sniff a little deep to enjoy the soft, dreamy fresh scent of Neroli and Grapefruit, which are cheery in play.  

The Final Word: Let’s get real - you can’t live life under the healing brush tool in Photoshop like a celeb. And, with bikini season right around the corner, regular use of this oil now should keep your belly in good form.