Sedona’s Secret Bliss

Every beauty maven wants to know the same thing: what’s the next hottest thing for skin? I’ll tell you I think it’s from Sedona.

Sure thing Sedona - the spiritual hub of the West - is known for a few things – namely new age vortexes, sun-baked adobe casitas, and rustic trinket shops. But, oils? Yes. An, emphatic yes!

I’m going to swear the richly storied part of Arizona and its healing energies are home to some of the best quality essential oils I have come across of late. I can say I know this firsthand as I was recently touring Scottsdale in search of the best wellness and holistic spa treatments at some of the esteemed and iconic spas – think the regal Phoenician to the luxury standard Fairmont; the off the path Four Seasons to the legendary Camelback Inn.

The one thing I found in common – Body Bliss.

I first sniffed the freshness of a mysteriously sweet Lavender at the Fairmont Princess when I was indulging in the Havasupai Falls Rejuvenation treatment, which is named after a Native American tribe located in Northwestern Arizona. It begins with a body exfoliation of ultra-fine desert salts infused with indigenous essential oils and continues with a warm herbal bath before a warm massage awakens the tired muscles. In between the scrub and the bath, I couldn’t help notice the Lavender was sweeter than most of the generic camphoric kinds that you smell all to often in the usual oil blends. When I asked my therapist where she got the oil from, she simply said, “It's by Body Bliss.”

I wanted some, but none was in stock.

Fast forward to a few days later, I was getting unknotted at the Four Seasons by way of the Healing Hiker’s massage when my therapist again noticed the deep-rooted spasms as she rubbed her profoundly scented Arnica oil into nooks n’ crannies I didn’t know where even reachable. This time it was the aromatic Sage that kept me wondering why do the oils smell fresher in Sedona than in LA. So I asked what oil was she using? Again I heard, “It's by Body Bliss.”

I wanted some, but again this bottle was sold out.

Was everyone buying up Body Bliss to get their indescribable otherworldly glow? How could I – a lover of all things oils – not know about Body Bliss. I do now. And, so should you.

Body Bliss is a brand designed for massage therapists. Nothing is artificial in the oils despite the fact the oils are actually used in massive quantities at luxury resorts in Sedona and beyond. The products contain no paraben preservatives, no mineral oils, no harsh laureth and lauryl sulfate cleansers, no phthalates and no formaldehyde donors. Rather, what you’re getting is ethically wild-harvested essential oils from farmers who care about the quality and the environment first.

I reached out to the charming and informed founder, Nick James, about why his Lavender seemed to smell so much more like a blossom than a sprig. He shares: “‘True’ lavenders grow much more slowly, but produce a much sweeter oil. An interesting quality of lavender is that as you grow it at higher and higher altitudes, the plants tend to make more esters and less camphors…the result is that the sweetest, most nuanced, lavender oil tends to come from the high meadows (above 3000ft) in the south of France and north of Italy. We use these organic and high grown lavenders in Body Bliss branded products as they are much more calming and relaxing than the other types.”
I was so taken by his intuitive knowledge of botanicals and oils that I’m now hooked.

If you’ve got serious inflammation or regularly wound knots, you’ve got to get Mountain Arnica Massage Oil - Turquoise Sage ($29.95). A bestseller for years now, the oil has Supercritical Arnica Flower extracts with Lavender and Sage in a base o Sunflower, Sesame, Safflower, and Avocado oils. The scent is utterly mesmerizing.

But, first a bit of history. Native North American Indians and Europeans generally used Arnica Oil for the healing of wounds, and for the reduction of inflammation, and soothing of muscle aches. Arnica oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities which is why it can reduce swelling and pain and improves the overall healing process of wounds. Today, Arnica is highly beneficial for the treatment of bruises, acne, inflammation from insect bites, muscle aches, sprains, rheumatic pain, superficial phlebitis, pulled muscles, tendon strain, wound, and swelling due to fractures.

Body Bliss’s version spreads easily and leaves no trace of grease behind. The scent isn’t decidedly masculine; the soft, slightly resinous tinge of Sage melds into the lavish floweriness of Lavender with a refined touch. Nothing is medicinal about this blend, though you'd expect it to be. Quiet and serene, the suffused  oil is full in scent and will definitely flow throughout your room as you spread it across any sore limbs, back or neck.  The result is a cooling sweetness across the skin helping Arnica penetrate deeply to ease tension and inflammation. And, did I feel relief? Serious relief from weariness.

Oh and that surprisingly addictive Lavender? A pure bottle of the French bred essential oil can be found online and in many other body oils. This is what Lavender is like when it falls in love with skin.

And, I know it's going to be the choice of Lavender for me...

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity