Romancing the Stone

All natural is such a familiar phrase, does anyone really buy into the hype anymore? While a cursory Google search shows us hundreds of natural - some even fully organic - products, it takes a bit more for me to qualify anything as natural and luxury.

Specifically, the products need to show some degree of complexity, satisfy the skin’s soul and be made with ingredients so unduly pure that you know you won’t be able to get this scent or that scrub from anywhere else. Sure, my standards for greatness may be a tad unreasonable, but would you want anything less for your skin and spend? No, which is why you should know about Zents and why it's that type of luxury skincare you ought to add to your want list.

I have a one-way infatuation with all that is Zents. Yes, I love Zents.


Let me say it straight up - Zents should be included among the luxury pantheon of brands that rise above the trendy natural fray; think In Fiore, Aftelier Perfumes, and Patyka, which are a few devoted faves of mine. The reasons for my adoration of Zents are frankly far reaching.

First off, the story of the brand is sure to inspire the most jaded of beauty fiends.  The Denver-based Zents was borne out of a need to heal; founder Cord Coen was left with a near tragic brain injury leading to irreducible chronic pain, intense migraines, and an almost complete loss of the ability to smell from a wicked car smash up. Despite two years of intense and consistent rehab, not much had changed. Docs had said nothing more could be done, but Cord’s spirit didn’t believe this.

Instead, he packed his bags for India (!), found a refuge with a host family and committed himself to eight hours of daily meditation, yoga and pranayama. And?

Well, I’ll say unsurprisingly…regained his sense of smell while reducing his levels of life-stopping pain.

With his sensitivity to scent now heightened, Cord focused his keen, curatorial eye on creating gentler scents with a rather restrained approach for the same subset of folks who can’t tolerate cheaply synthetic varieties found on those indifferent shelves of cluttered department stores.

It's official: the land of natural scents now has a hype-free zone.

Whatever fondness you have for natural perfumes and their botanical bounty of fun, put these unpretentious Zents’ scents on your must-have list. The unorthodox fragrances have been created in a style that might be called "luxe minimalism" and are indeed soft, muted and suave in composition. And, stay close to skin.

Full of character, each can be worn individually or combined with others; the understated narrations of each are light and graceful, whether you choose to wear the bewitching attar or the wondrously airy EDT variation with the stone detailing (see left).

Fresh is a hauntingly delicate and clean scent; it opens with an irrepressible accord of Linden Blossom segueing into the juicy nuances of Cucumber before settling into Heliotrope. If a spring breeze could be captured in a spray, this is it. The composition speaks of some pretty Linden fantasy that captures sweet delights. Warm, full and inviting, I keep returning to this outburst of femininity as I am constantly seduced by the charisma of this Linden Blossom, which may very well be my new Jasmine.

My other favourite is the nearly impossible to describe Pear; a floral harmony of D’Anjou Pear infused with Gardenia and Mimosa, resulting a charmed fruity scent that never goes gourmand even with the mingle of Vanilla at its close. Undeniably sensuality in the summer as it delivers exactly what it promises in whispery form. Pear is hard to do; most versions seem like cheap Bath & Body Works knock-offs to me. But sure to be a crowd pleaser, Pear shows the nimble use of Honeysuckle, which makes this scent a cut above the rest.

The scents also have entrancing body oils available in each scent, which are created from the skin-loving Jojoba, Sunflower and Safflower oils. Easily spray the oil onto legs after a nightly shave or scrub for a superfast absorbing treatment. Again Fresh and Pear reigned top for me with their ultralight mist of moisture.

You know I love all things oils, but the Concretaspeechless. Tucked inside the hand carved striking piece of stonework is an ultra-rich soothing and scented Shea Butter Balm enriched with Coconut Oil. This detail alone resolves Concreta to luxury.

Make no mistake as this product is cut above anything I have ever seen. Be sure to add this gem to your cart as your buy helps support the family who personally paid careful attention to Cord and his treatments during his tenure in India during his fated stay and healing in India. Yes, this unusual but reusable piece is from India.

Interesting tidbit; did you know that traditionally Shea Butter had been used in Africa as a healing balm for rheumatism, muscle aches, burns, and light wounds? A solitary thrill on its own, Concreta is so, so perfect for your whole body, but especially fabulous for trouble areas like cuticles, elbows, knees and heels. Warm up this semi-creamy balm between your fingertips and let the spirit sink in.

Whatever your beauty choice, know this - there’s a big heart deep within the richness of the Zents brand, which is why I love the brand and its offerings. True, true, true. With a yen for simplicity, these are delightfully enriching scents, oils and balms capable of getting to that same kind of greatness reserved for upmarket luxury beauty lines. And, the prices? The entire line is exceptionally affordable. Much to my surprise, really.

Again, I love all that is Zents. So much so I want everything from the body wash to the salts. The Visa desists for now…but, I’ll come back for more...for you. Petal is next on my want list.

And so, because I adore you, dear reader… 

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