I Ran For Ren

Pardon the absence, but I decided to take a two break from life on a whim and head off into the rustic countryside of India. A long way from the breezy green pastures of California, India’s resplendent sunsets, storied temples, mist-shrouded mahals, and savoury snacks while sari shopping in the bustling bazaars were all a welcomed relief from the fast lane in corporate America, but the harsh landscape and suffocating pollution from my daily rickshaw riding into the sights and markets? Clouds of dust and dirt mercilessly killed my skin’s soul in a mere two weeks. And, so I landed back at LAX and ran for Ren.

Ren always does me right. It’s no secret that I adore the Radiant Eye Gel (I’ve tweeted about this floral extract gel enough to annoy followers), but for the 72 hours following my arrival, nothing but Ren helped detox my skin and senses left sore from the pollutant assault.

The Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil ($48) was an immediate relief to the sore arms and ankles, which suffered from over 15 mosquitoes enjoying the sweet buffet my innards offered. Made largely from Sesame Seed oil, oil soluble toxins are washed away with ease while calming the irritating raised bumps with its antibacterial action. Immediate ahh’s were not only from the oil, but the infallibly sweet Rose.

Goodness gracious me does Ren know its way with Rose Otto.

The Rose – so distinctive and so beautiful – is copious in the bath oil, so much so, I didn’t even want the bath to dilute its potency. Thankfully, the complementary Ultra-Moisture Body Oil ($65) awaits skin from a nourishing soak. But, before that, a scrub in the soak!

Once wasn’t enough. Twice made me wonder. So yes, dear readers, I scrubbed head to toe an exhaustive and record three times with the Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm ($37) to help degunk skin of India’s environmental aggressors. I scrubbed so much so that I actually wondered if my fingertips would chafe. They didn’t. Because Ren gets it right.

The semi-grainy Sea Salts gave just the right amount of scruff while Basil, Peppermint and Olive oils invigorate deeply while moisturizing freshly sloughed skin. No oil clumps in this tub to mix up either as the consistency is normal. I felt alive and felled with the rustled freshness of an exhilarating yet sweetened Mint.

Now about to pass out from the triple rubdown and jet lag, I stepped out and into the velveteen Ultra-Moisture Body Oil; a decadent blend of Cranberry Seed, Jojoba, Argan, Coconut and Rice Germ oils.

I was ecstatic and welling up with tears of joy!

I hadn’t had a body oil in two weeks and skin begged for moisture! InStyle awarded this ingenious blend the Best Beauty Buy in 2013 and, you should know why. In addition to the healing oils, the body treatment also has protective ceramides and phospholipids to help with reparative action and improve moisture retention. A little goes a long way, but after a long trip, who was going to use a little? Not I.

The plumpy oil sank in straight away, left no greasy after feel and made me feel like a Maharani with intoxicating notes of Rose Otto rich in splendor and luxurious, lasting moisture.

I couldn’t think of a better way to Zen out than with a complete soak and slather with Ren. In the world of plants and bio extracts, the pleasures of Ren are many.

Much like my beloved India.