Gratitude by Zorica Candle

Zorica made her first face cream at the tender age of 7. Little did she know she’d endure a lifetime of fragrance and chemical sensitivities, despite being a model in Yugoslavia and having to wear much of the mass-produced crap on the market.

In 2001, she launched her Malibu-based brand of organic skincare and body care born from being bedridden and intolerant of chemical-rich skin care lines. Harnessing the power of organics, she resorted to creating her own concoctions that work from simplicity. And, she talks the talk. For example, Zorica refuses to uses boxes and insists the quality of a product ought to be in the product not packaging. And, a portion of every sale benefits the St. Jude Children Hospital in Memphis. An entrepreneur after my own heart, who employs good CSR with care.

There’s a quiet affection in her 100% pure vegetable soy wax candle made with Grapefruit and Vanilla. This isn’t a sour bite of citrus, but rather a soft tang of a clean one. Softened by a light Vanilla, the candle - with its good throw and clean burn – brings the sunny feel of an early summer.

The magic is also reflected in the Gratitude Perfume oil. It’s 100% chemical and alcohol free in the precise formulation, stays close to skin and highlights more of the bright and zesty flourish of Grapefruit. The Vanilla notes fleet about skin, so if you’re worried about getting something too sweet, fret not. This is a mild-mannered citrus with an exuberant character.

And, a fantastically fun side note - women wearing Grapefruit are perceived to look younger by up to 10 years.

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