Fashionable Face Work

So, you trusted Sex and the City for its fashion. Did you know one of the gals was a devout user a face oil long before it was cool to school the folks on the organic wonderments on oils? Kristin Davis (among other celebs) has been a longtime fan of Lina Hanson’s Global Face Serum ($85).

First off, who is Lina? She’s a Hollywood makeup artist who has artfully painted the faces of Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres, Mandy Moore, Olivia Wilde and Naomi Watts – women all known for their dewy porcelain skin.  So, she knows a thing or two about how the face responds to oils after a brutal 16-hour shoot that leaves a mess of cakey colour on skin begging for moisture to restore the lost glow.  But, she’s also the authour of the book Eco-Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Beauty and Wellness, which is a comprehensive breakdown of beauty and skincare products that are good for the planet and good for you skin.

It’s Lina’s organic mindset that helped her formulate the face serum; a luscious cocktail of Baobab, Argan, Marula and Camellia oils that even has the hush hush Ewan McGregor wanting some.

What I like about the silicone, preservative, fragrance free serum is that it’s a new kind of power skincare. It’s handmade by someone who understands how skin works under the long hours under make-up. And, let’s get real – we, too, wear our SPFs, foundations and blushes for 10-14 hours days, too.

Baobab is the leader carrier; it’s another African miracle (a standard for women in the harsh savannah desert) with vitamins A, D, E, F, doesn’t clog pores and yet is intensely reparative. Absorbing on the spot, Baobab helps skin restructure from within by improving its elasticity. And, when you add it to Argan and Marula, you’ve got some heavy Vitamin E hitters reworking the damage done by those ugly free radicals.

A dab of the sweetly tinged, lightweight oil is enough for the whole face. A play around the citrus tartness of Neroli and Mandarin yield an alluring complexity with the addition of the versatile Frankincense, which brings a touch of incensey sweetness to the pulse of an irresistibly white Ylang Ylang. All essences certifiably organic, of course.

Under SPF, the oil is soft and supple. And, keep a watch for the Body Serum, which is set to launch on June 5, 2013 – World Environment Day. If you splurge on either, 15% of the proceeds between June – August will benefit the International Rescue Committee.

Fashionable pragmatism - doing good for your skin and doing even more good for the planet.

Update: check out actress and Mrs. Ellen Degeneres, Portia de Rossi wearing the serum under her makeup at premiere of Arrested Development. Isla Fisher also had her face prepped with the serum. See, no shine?!

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity