Double Down; A Body Oil & Candle

Some of you may not believe in one miracle product that can do it all. And, when it comes to candles, really…what else can it do besides light up a room and help ease the frayed senses? Not much, right?

Not so. Bubb and Dimples (how excruciatingly cute is the brand name?) is a British brand that hand makes organic and parabens-free products that are based with Shea Butter and Soy for hyper sensitive types, whose noses turn up at synthetic olfactive offenders. Only certifiably fresh ingredients are used here.

As more of you are shopping globally for the best in luxury goods, try the uniquely blended English Garden Body Oil and Candle. Yes, you read it right; a candle (with a moderate throw and superbly clean throw) to ignite nostalgia, which quickly morphs into an easily spreadable body oil.

Heading into summer, Soybean oil is just the thing for healthier looking and feeling skin. It’s rarely seen in body oils, but here’s a fun fact – did you know Beauty product manufacturers Aveeno and Estée Lauder have been using Soybean oil in their products for years, according to this. The oil reduces blotchy colouring, helps even out texture, and plumps up fine lines without any added grease. Soybean (with Rapeseed and Palm oils) help give the oil a voluptuous, velvety texture.

So, how to get your slather on? While the beauty world’s interest in pervasively popular oils is new, the age old candle is not. Light the delicately scented candle for about 20 minutes and gradually dip into the liquefied oil for a dollop of intensely sweet oil. Fear not, as there isn’t any paraffin wax in this darling candle, which would have solidified onto your skin.

I used the oil over freshly exfoliated feet and covered them with cotton socks for an overnight treatment. The morning after, skin was smoother and seriously plumped up. And, everything sunk in like it was supposed to.

There is the presence of Moroccan Rose in the candle and oil. The intensity of the blossomed sweetness is decidedly English and fresh. A precious green note ensconces white flowers and results in a semi-soapy fragranced oil that is gratifying if not compelling. Nothing is fake about the candle as only 100% natural essences are used and balanced very well here.

The floral quality of the oils is sweet and tempered with a soft, lingering freshness and offers an uplifting comfort to skin. Oh….and to your ambiance, of course.

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