Une Nuit a Bali

Wonderful things can happen to skin when you marry any oil and Jasmine. And, while you might be seeing more shelf space given to body oils at your local Sephora, some of the greatest pleasures in beauty come from exploring some of those treasured finds from around the world, which get equal distribution stateside through luxury portals we sometimes forget to check in with.

Une Nuit a Bali’s Dry Oil ($70) is a newly discovered floral oil by the curators at BeautyHabit.com. Inspired by what little I know of Manketti oil (another African oil), I went to play. Manketti is apparently high in eleostearic acid reacts rapidly with UV light, producing polymerization and providing a protective layer. Now that makes sense; the seemingly never aged, line-free women of Bali protect their skin with a natural UV blocker.

Une Nuit is the type of enchanting body oil you’ll want to gift to someone who has already tried the glut of beauty products (read: it’s for the girl who can’t get herself out of the Bath & Body Works rut). Pure luxury, the extremely dry oils shimmers across skin with the heady bloom of Ylang Ylang dominating over a genteel gingery Jasmine in delicate harmony. The subtle capture of essences is ethereal and natural and certainly well suited for spring’s giddy step in those strappies. The sheen of a weightless dry oil with a cling-to-skin scent is always so perfect to use on legs to add a bit of glow and prevent that dreaded flat look of skin you see far too often. The delightfully feminine oil can even be used on dry ends to protect, as Rice Bran is the complementary carrier to Manketti. Interesting tidbit about Rice Bran - the oil also serves as a lubricant so hot hair appliances slide over the hair shaft without causing further damage.

Honestly, I know it’s trial and error with body oils, but once you’ve committed to your favourite scents, take ease in knowing some products like this can be used in more ways than way, which justifies the price tag.

Me? I’ll just wait to see who sends me a full-sized bottle for my birthday. I’m a Leo, if case anyone is asking…

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Slightly viscous