Trader Joe’s Lavender Body Scrub

This is going to be a tough review to write. Don’t hate, but I’m going to tell you just how much I adore Trader Joe’s Lavender Scrub, but won’t be able to include a link on where you can buy it. This is going to terribly disappoint fans of Trader Joe’s who don’t live close to one. But, I did find this ebay seller, who’ll make the extra effort to send one to far off places here and abroad.

Why you ought to consider this budget buy? Maybe you're one of these folks:
  • A broke beauty blogger who spent way too much on those predictably recycled spring must have colours, which will likely end up at the bottom of your beauty drawer by June
  • A recently laid off fashionista who is patiently on EDD and can’t justify spending $80 on a luxury one until the next gig comes through
  • A tall gal who needs more than just a quick scoop of a scrub to get a good scruff from head to toe
  • An unfortunate sufferer of keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin)
  • Simply pragmatic, which is a better word than cheap.
The reason doesn't matter. The oils and scrub do. Your summer prep should start including a weekly scrub and there’s no better place to start than at Trader Joe’s, which is a gold mine for finding some unsung beauty products.

The great slougher, Sea Salt, is added to a medley of organic oils (Sweet Almond, Safflower, Grape, Apricot Kernel, and avocado) to help soften what is a moderately gritty (more like a sugar) scrub. Love it! The scent is a savory and light Lavender from the essential oil, which means more fun for purists who keep those teensy jars of pure oils around to amp up the aromatherapy benefits. Add Vanilla to sweeten, Chamomile to calm, or Tangerine to spruce up. TJ's version also adds Green Tea and St. John’s Wort extracts to soothe skin from a vigorous but needed exfoliation, which ought to be done with a light hand.

The velvet skin is the end result for a good week or so, but do use the oil during a bath not a shower. It’s quite oily and should be stirred up before grabbing a dollop, which should ideally be left on skin instead of rinsed off with a bath wash. The flip top cap is the only one I've seen with a scrub, making it easy to grab and stash.

Get some serious eachfront rejuvenation on a steal of a deal.

$5.99 available in stores or on eBay.