Tilly by Rosie Jane

There’s a certain uncomplicated charm that you’ll find in Rosie Jane’s newest launch – Tilly ($39). Grapefruit’s tang flamboyantly blends with the easygoing elan of a succulent Pineapple in a way that you suspect this this type of citrus airiness can only be extracted from the fields that lie under the balmy California skies. Well yes, Rosie Jane is a LA brand, after all.

It’s easy to say summery, but hard to bottle it up. Rosie Jane’s uses all 100% natural essences, which lend a pleasing summery freshness to the perfume oil. Tilly’s classic combo of citrus and tropical fruits meet the righteous desire for a freewheeling spontaneity. The scent comes at you at once with what botanical oils that seem like kindred spirits skimming across the skin.

Packaged in a 100% recyclable roller ball is a sweetness - beautiful in its ordinariness -  that surprisingly has the staying power of a spray EDT. While the delightful scent stays close to stay, its lasting power is quite marvelous as shown by a bohemian breeze.

There isn’t any one note that stands apart; the deliberately diaphanous balance of the candied citrus splash is tightly wound around a rounded, creamy tropical Gardenia with the hint of Coconut. Thankfully, the Coconut isn’t of the pina colada variety that you’d imagine would come with the requisite coloured straw sticking through a frothy base. What Rosie has conjured up is something with a reserved prettiness playing off the compelling likeness of the fuzzy brown fruit. The scent echoes the place of a newly found tropical peace, disappears into skin like clean, unadorned scent and gets quickly to the edible richness of the fleshy Coconut without getting too dense.

With good longevity, the wonderfully inventive Tilly - serene, windswept and sunny in its comfort - has a fresh-faced feeling upon the close of its composition and can even be gently layered with Vanilla body or perfume oils.

You just have to get into the rhythm of those undulating clouds that sway gently atop the shaggy, palm-tree lined tropics dotting the panoramic beaches and play a bit imaginatively.