Sacha Inchi's Magic

Argan has surely ushered in the age of the oil in a way very few mass ingredients have done so. People obviously love Argan anything; mascaras, foot creams, conditioners, and even cuticle drops are readily available. Now that we know it works and works well, we’re seeing a slew of new well-curated face oils that are raising the bar for basic Argan and bringing what some would say is seriously better antioxidant action through exotic oils sourced from some pretty far off places. Sacha Inchi is one of these oils you ought to know about as I suspect it will be widely added to the familiar ranks of Marula, Prickly Pear and other recent likes.

Native to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is the obscure Sacha Inchi nut, which has been growing wildly and freely for over 3000 years. The nut’s oil is elegantly pressed from its seeds, which actually have higher fatty acid and Vitamin E content than Rosehip. Apparently, Vitamin E exists in 8 different forms aka isomers (4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols - the latter being more potent in free radical fight power). All of these forms are found within the elusive Inchi giving skin broad Vitamin E antioxidant activity.

Sacha Inchi’s fine molecular structure means it penetrates the skin even faster than Rosehip. And, that’s what you want from a serum. One weekend with La Bella Figura’s Daily Elements Defense Face Oil ($95) – made largely of Sacha Inchi – can get your skin glowy and better protected that would take weeks to get from anything else.

LBF seems to have gotten to this oil first, but the serum doesn’t rely solely on the prized Sacha Inchi's magic. Coupling it with Rosehip gives skin unrivaled antioxidant protection against free radicals and anti-aging benefits (like cell turnover from Vitamin A) to boost elasticity and firmness. Camellia, Jojoba, and Pomegranate oils bring the plumpy moisture, but another unknown little gem lies nestled among the usual suspects – Pitanga Leaf.

There isn't much said about Pitanga aside from a few virtual notes on the essential oil being used in local Brazilian remedies for the past few hundred years. Actually, I’ve never even seen it in any other serum, let alone a luxury one. Though, initial research does show it's brimming heavily with Vitamin A & C.

And, as far as I see it, adding this enriched oil changes the craft of LBF in a way that earns a new level of respect for the way the thought process behind the blend of an oil. The serum is wildly impressive for blending atypical oils with a delicate touch that are truly accorded with the worldly aesthetic as seen by the founders’ and their constant travels to places we only read about. Ferreting out certifiably organic oils from the off beaten path seems to their true calling as I don't know how they break their schedules to blend up these delicious serums.

The ambery golden serum is an essential woodied floral infusion; and reviving on top, which settles quickly into the richness and warmth of Rose Otto’s sensual unfold, which is augmented by a creamy Sandalwood. For those of you liking a stronger caress of Rose in your face oils, this lightweight serum would be a good one to inhale long and deep and it's mercifully not too, too sweet. It sinks it nicely and preps skin for SPF or make-up.

International touches are everywhere in this serum. Actually, in most of the recent (and appealing) launches like this Rainforest Hydration Treatment), which seems like the perfect mask to juice up skin with when traveling.

Expensive? Worth it, if you want what no one else has...

And, isn't that the truest form of luxury?

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity