Red Flower Ohana Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub

The Japanese and their reputed ways of detoxing. See, what the Japanese do right in their bathing ritual is to believe that the act of relaxation is just as much about your mental  and spiritual well-being as it is for the physical side.

The curative powers of the onsen (hot spring waters) are a communal event of sorts; families escape from the hectic pace of life to soak and even forge stronger bonds with one another through a mutual appreciation for nature's elements. These meditative dips were even favoured by Japanese priests, as even they had an affinity for the soothing calm given to skin by the geothermally heated springs, some getting as as 100 Celsius. The priests strongly believed in the curative powers of their therapeutic plunges, which were said to ease tension, rid headaches and reduce bodily ailments. But, before the soak came the scrub. before you enjoy the onsen, you would need to wet skin and deeply scrub from head to toe to ensure a pristine level of cleanliness.

Red Flower takes from this centuries-old tradition to create a scrub that helps stimulate the blood flow through deep exfoliation. An inner calm and balance is what you’re striving for with the 100% botanical Ohana Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub ($66).

Castor, Palm and Olive oils create the muddy brown base of moisture, which houses finely milled Tawashi bristles (the original dry brush made since 1907) and Walnut Shell Powder to bring a gentler scruff. Nothing is so humbling to skin than when you’re using all natural ingredients. Bamboo powder and its sap bring a fine grain scrubbing action while Ginger oil helps fade away scars and bring forth revitalized skin. Ginger is detoxifying, helps boost your immunity and stimulates the circulation. The improved circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which then improves its appearance. Antioxidant Ginger also prevents damage from free radicals preserving the youthful appearance of the skin.

Bergamot, Lime, and Pink Grapefruit essences invoke an exhilarating citrus opening, which quickly settles into the backdrop of an earthy Fir. Warm and mossy, swirl with circular motions to de-flake skin and allow the oils to seep in for a bit before you actually use you sink into a salted float.

The blunder I see most people make is using a scrub in the shower. Nay, I say. The traditional ways of the Japanese show us that is important to dry brush or scrub first then soak in a super heated tub. You get a deeper exfoliation, allow for oils to sink in a bit, and help preserve the body scrub by preventing the shower water from seeping into the precious tub. My spotty knowledge guesses that water in your organic scrub may lead to the risk of growing mold. Be wary, be smart.

It’s not any scrub that can compel people into taking time away from the joyful chatter online and off.

But, then again, Red Flower doesn’t make a scrub for just anyone.