On Roucou’s Plump

For many people, using a hair oil comes as quite a revelation. I actually haven’t read a single email or review where a user has complained about the lack of frizz or frayed ends after investing a few bucks in a hair oil. But, when I see a hair brand (still a handful few) get into oils, I’m even more excited as it certainly goes beyond the hype of oils to give the right street cred to the easy to use treatments.

Davines OI Oil ($39.50) is a serum that adheres to a few hair rules;  it does have silicones, but the breathable kind.  Silicones are a good thing if you’re one of those gals who likes to flat iron or blow dry your languished locks on a daily basis as they act as a protectant and coat your cuticles to prevent further damage. Hair oils made from mostly carrier oils will reassuringly nourish and strengthen the locks, but not really bring any serious preventative action. And, this is why Davines Absolute Beautifying Potion is a fantastic choice.

Super frizzy, super thick, and super wavy hair types will want a few drops of this slurry serum to protect the hair from harsh blowouts and ironing sessions. The serum is also quite plumpy and comes in a pump, which makes it easy to dispense the few drops you’ll need for a soft application. What makes this a cut above the rest is the serum is made from Roucou Oil, an Amazonian oil I’d never seen before.

Roucou is mega rich in trace elements and beta-carotene (100 times more than carrots) and works to restructure hair.  It stimulates the production of melanin (keeping away the salt & peppery grays), reduces cell damage from UV radiation, prevents ageing, and even maintains scalp elasticity.

Strong hair needs weight. It needs a dense oil to keep the frizzies down, which will help them from fraying into split ends. Davines OI oil is just that – weighty. The breathable silicones help the oil penetrate into the shaft when applied sparingly to wet tresses. I’m an air-dry type of girl and wash my hair at night. I have to say even my wispy fine locks didn’t seemed to be weighed down by 2-3 drops of the oil massaged through the mid-length part of hair for an overnight conditioning treatment.

Another fun way to use? Yoga class. I’ve shamelessly started showing up to class with hair slicked back with some of these thicker hair oils. This guarantees me a bi-weekly 90-minute treatment (which I'm likely to skip now that spring is here) that shows pretty impressive results from using thicker serums, which are easily rinsable.

Do have some fun dipping your nose into the hand-sized bottle for a divine powdery floral scent, which I completely adore. It’s a likeable kind of Jasmine scent with a soft fruity side and tinge of musk that I haven’t seen in a body oil, but would really like to.

Between the Roucou that treats and the scent that teases, it’s no surprise the potion won Allure’s illustrious Best in Beauty award.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Moderately Viscous