Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena Soy Candle

Sometimes a quiet throw is what you want when the flicker of light is enough to do what it magically knows to do. So you light the match on a crisp spring evening and fire up Lemon Verbena candle with its charmingly retro vibe. And, you wait.

An entry-level sparkler, you can’t call this candle loud. And, that’s a good thing as sometimes sublimity is what it’s in order for the night. More comfort than fancy, the candle’s scent is more Lemongrass than Lemon. In an earth-friendly base from soy and corn waxes, enjoy the subtle wafts of refreshingly tangy Lemon-Verbena accents gently mixed with a light Fir for a fruity greenness.

The high quality, lead-free wick cotton wick makes good eco-sense here. A superbly clean burn makes the creamy base easy to clean, so you can eve re-use the holder for beauty sticks like liners or q-tips. Minimalist at heart, the creamy citrus blend doesn’t overpower the room, but rather enlivens the ambiance with what seems like the release of tiny micro-aromatic flowers floating around an intimate center – you.

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