Hibiscus Breeze

What is it: An organic Shea Butter based tub ($9) that promises an abundance of sweet Hibiscus. No, organic doesn’t mean pricey, as this Target find is just the thing to use over feet with cotton socks for an overnight treatment. Hands, optional.

Why it matters: Because every gal ought to have some form of Shea Butter around for its healing properties and protection against sun (SPF of 4-10). Indigenous use can’t refute its superior moisture work and ease of absorption.

Blended with Coconut Oil to bring some fatty acid fun, this jar has something you may never have seen before - Songyi Mushroom extracts, which promote new cell growth and helps brighten the neglected skin on elbows naturally. Papaya extracts help this along.

Why it impresses: The dense cream isn’t one of those fluffed up varieties that ends up being more air than oil. Shea Moisture packs the buttery blend in densely, almost like a thick balm. And, the maker (America's first shea butter brand, since 1912) doesn’t skimp on scent; which is a tropical breeze of Hibiscus Flower extracts made slightly sweeter with Coconut.  Goodness gracious me, I want to taste a nibble of this balm, which finishes like round and creamy like the meringue on a savory pie. Can not get enough of it.

The Final Word: For $9, it’s surely going to become a Target classic soon enough.