Face Stockholm Bamboo Walnut Scrub

Face Stockholm is the original cult beauty brand made chic and popular by celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker, who are highly followed for their beauty finds. It’s the type of obscure brand from Sweden that has a calming concept of minimalism behind it. Find tranquility in the understated products packaged in obsessively practical packaging are inspired by the global travels of Gun Nowak and Martina Arfwidson (the mother/daughter founding duo), who understand just how to capture the qualities of some of the best international beauty innovations for our everyday use.

The Eastern inspired scrub is a semi-dry one. Well, kind of. It’s not the kind of scrub that is steeped in a tub of oil, which makes you dread that slimy shower floor after the liberal use of one. Rather, ultrafine Bamboo Powder from India and delicately pulverized Walnut Shell in tandem give a nice superficial exfoliation. Bamboo Powder is very interesting for its natural richness in silica, which is an essential element for its remineralizing, anti-acne, and anti-cellulite activity…. Acneic backs needing special attention will appreciate this.

 Enjoy the rare privilege of Sea Algae, Nettle, Milk Thistle, and Meadowsweet extracts, which collectively help skin detox from a build-up of gunk, while Sweet Almond Proteins help soften skin.

It’s quite an incredible texture, even a bit sponge-y to the touch. But, the scrub is ideal for sensitive skins that can’t handle the scrape of sea salts. The floral scent exhilarates and refreshes with 100% natural essences like Lemongrass, Rose, Jasmine, Mimosa, Ylang Ylang and Japanese Honeysuckle is made a bit woody with Vetiver. The balance of the essential oils is refined and captures what I love about Japanese inspired scrubs and their bent for crisp, airy, and light elements. Skin is left softened and readily primed for your choice of body oil.

Yes, the scrub is brown in colour. Why this seems to instill some irrational fear of Bamboo in some of you is beyond me. Yes, it’s a scrub and yes, it’s meant to get all over your tub when you slough away. My shower rinses it all clean within a few splashy seconds.

Doesn’t yours?

$44 available at FaceStockholm.com.