Earth Day Happy Returns

Earth Day 2013 marks the 43rd anniversary of celebrating our planet and its finite environment needing dire attention and care. While you can show your support for choosing an organic body oil, you’ll still need to scrub up beforehand. And, with Earth Day right around the corner – April 22 – going 100% organic is about the best thing you can do for Mother Earth even if you aren’t the most eco-savvy beauty maven but know being chemically-dependent isn’t the best thing for your skin.

Get both from Lalicious, which is offering to donate 20% of all Sugar Reef sales during the month of April to Save Our Shores, a Santa Cruz based organization whose boundless mission is to support care for the protect the marine environment through serious education (like advocating for plastic-free communities) and sincere action (like the Annual Coastal Clean Up Day).

Clean up and restore skin during this awkward in-between spring season with this semi-grainy sweet smelling body scrub, which uses Pure Cane Sugar in a cushiony base of skin-loving Coconut and Sweet Almond oils. The fluffy texture helps reduce any harshness of free-roving crystals while the oils melt into skin. Always a sucker for deliciously scented body products, I will say the scent is as yummy as expected from the adorably cute brand; the scent is a fresh and fruity one made from Casaba Melon imbued with White Tea and the crisp of Ginger.

To radiate a calm and relaxed vibe, follow with the same scented body oil, which has the same two oils and Macadamia added to boost the cumulative hydration. Macadamia Nut oil contains higher levels of palmitoleic acid than any other plant oil, ~22 percent. Palmitoleic acid is naturally found in human sebum, the body’s natural skin oil. But, did you know levels of palmitoleic acid in sebum drop off significantly as we age? Although considered good for all skin types, this makes Macadamia Nut oil a particularly beneficial ingredient for dry, aging skin types.

The lightweight body oil doesn’t leave a greasy finish and can be used right after your weekly scrub. The quasi-aquatic scent (from essential oils and fragrance) seems to strive for subtly not power and complements the moisture left on skin from the scrub.

Lalicious is an untapped gem of body care with its playful scents and juicy treatments. And, with a 20% deal happening, you can get many happy returns for your soul and skin.

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