Come On Get Sukhin (Happy)

Everyone has that happy place. For some, the word ‘happy’ means a few hours spent in the local outlet mall digging around those unorganized bargain bin baskets for a choice designer find. For others, it’s the return of your Mad Men episodes. For a few, it might be a good weekend read next to a candle light with a glass of wine in hand. Or, even a good weekend romp next to a candle…or you get it.

Whatever takes you to that elusive happy place, Sukhin ($45-$120) helps you get there faster. A body oil with the tenacity of a soft perfume oil, Sukhin is an invigorating blend with the natural freshness of Orange and slivers of Black Pepper that ends on an extremely elegant yet sensual unisex note.

Bright and tangy, the dripping taste of big ripe Oranges springs forth like a genie from the bottle and blossoms under the wonderful cast of a spicy Cardamom that turns what could have been a normal everyday oil into something far more enchanting made complex and deep by fanciful rosy touches of Geranium.

The core of this oil is the scent, as you’ll find with all of Jiva Apoha’s oils. They are for more perfume-y in spirit than others likely from the high concentrations of 100% organic essences that are sourced from India under stringent quality controls. As such, the oils work extremely well with the Sesame Oil base.

Sesame has been religiously used in India as a notable healing oil for centuries. A natural anti-inflammatory agent, Ayurvedic practitioners have coined the carrier the “Queen of Oils” because the vitamin (A, B, E, K) and mineral-rich oil penetrates quickly helping promote suppleness of skin, flexibility of joints, and reduce psoriasis, eczema, acne flare-ups on the back. Oprah’s fave Dr. Oz even recommends using Sesame with this simple massage on a daily basis or a few times a week to markedly improve the texture and elasticity of your skin.

The succulent skinfeel of Jiva’s oils are worth the spend and why I keep coming back for more. Skin really doesn’t even need to be moisturized the day after using a palmful of this syrupy nectar, which means your 8 oz bottle will last you for months. Not everyone spends the way I do, but you should know that your enthusiasm for oils will be matched with quality if you remind yourself that you're getting a multipurpose oil. A thimbleful is enough for an overnight cuticle/hands/feet treatment, too.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Herbal
Viscosity: Slightly Viscous