Cashmere Musk = Spring

Oil lovers may argue over Lavender vs. Rosemary, Rose Otto vs. Rose Damascena, or even Jasmine’s Nightbloom vs. Sambac. But, when it comes to Cashmere, there’s hardly an argument. Almost everyone adores the second skin feel of Cashmere Musk.

Cashmere, more often than not, brings a silkened touch to scents often judged for its strength and power, though achieving a desired sense of sublimity can flatline into some industrially clean soapy mess without mercy. Luckily for us, Caldrea’s No. 1 Body Oil ($28) doesn't.

Cashmere Musk is at the heart of the scent in this diaphanous yet persistent body oil, one of the most gorgeous nearly organic ones I have come across of late. A sweet Apricot is beautifully contrasted with Aqua Lotus and Peony that appear to be pitch perfect in their meticulous notes, though the scent settles into the warm veil of Cashmere, White Woods and Musk in swift harmony that I forget for a split second that I’m sniffing a body oil not an actual perfume. The out-of-the-shower vibe is precisely why the same perfume tugged at the heart’s chords first.

It’s a lofty and luscious body oil certainly worth spending on for its inherent freshness. Largely of Apricot Kernel Oil, others like Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Avocado and Rice Brand give this treatment a plumpy feel that makes skin feel deeply swathed in moisture. Chia Seed oil is also blended between the layers and brings copious amounts of Omega’s 3 and 6 with Vitamin B and Zinc, all of which mature skins love.

My feeling is you could use this semi-serried oil on hands and cuticles at night. An hour later, you’ll still be able to sniff out this quintessentially feminine but discreet scent, which ought to lift the mood in a spry spring minute.

Always one who is easily impressed with something a little different, what excites me the most about this cozy oil (and brands like Caldrea in general) is how it reminds us that body oils aren’t just a low maintenance frill to forget about. A good fragranced body oil can be an object of intrinsic beauty – not chancy essential oil blends - even at this unbelievably lowly price. There is thought that goes into creating a scented body oil that can be called inventive thanks to the sophistication in its details. More so when there isn't a trace of anything synthetic to be found anywhere.

Suffering from a bit of floral fatigue, No. 1 is decidedly my kind of spring oil that I know I’ll want more of and sooner than I’d like to embarrassingly admit.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Moderately Viscous