Caldrea Perfume Oils

The glory days of perfume oils are here!

Happily enough, I’m seeing better perfume oils launched with complementary body products to truly enhance the fragrance harmonizing experience.  The growing fetishism surrounding oils and their flanking accessories serves to prove they are here to stay.

When I first opened the box of Caldrea Perfume Oils ($18 each for a rollerball) and took my first whiffs of innocuously classic looking scents, I could say I was clearly affected by the minimal beauty & breadth of the brand.

Let me just say how the deceptively modest price was a welcomed respite from the niche brands charging near three figures for a rollerball. And, from those hideously jammed packed mall cart varieties, which are more often than not mini-flasks of alcohol with hardly two drops of an oil to scent. As if!

Caldrea is the type of cozy brand that you’d expect to find in a mall, but don’t. And, thank goodness for that as it’s more like that giddy beauty find you kind of don’t want to share with others even if the buzzy press is out there. The wallet-friendly pricing doesn’t mean you’re getting the usual bit of juicy berries bundled up in some buy three promo deal. Actually, these unforgettable treasures – full of flowery blooms - are far more pure and lively and might even get to you to toss your conventional thoughts on equating price with quality.

My personal favourite from the collection is No. 1; a fragrance fresh with Orange and Bergamot notes that are softened with the silky touch Apricot and aquatic notes before introducing a gentler Tuberose and Musk. The overall effect is striking in its resplendent beauty. The ingenuity and sheer beauty of the blend is in its gentle infusion that has such a delicate skin effect with the whispery trail of Peony.

No. 2 is equally enchanting if Lime tickles your fancy. Coupled with Sandalwood, this scent intrigues with its unfolds of Tea, Lime Blossom and Osmanthus underscored with a subtle Sandalwood. Not the Mysore kind, but hints of a softly tempered one made sweet by Vanilla. The scent doesn’t end on a brash citrus note, but rather stands out as wholly balanced as a merit to its precise composition.

No. 3 is for you summery coconut fans who don’t want to smell like a bottle of Coppertone sunscreen. No, this Coconut rests comfortably on White Fig and allows for nuances of its muted green notes to play well with Cedarwood and Musk. A surprisingly and imaginative use of the functional Coconut, which evolves in an engaging manner.

The demure oils are blended with Chia Seed and Rice Bran organic oils and have Angelica Root and Linder Flower extracts included. Light and airy, they do stay close to skin and persist for a couple of hours before you’ll want to re-apply. Fear not of any cloy, as each one refuse to overwhelm the senses and can actually be layered with one another for a fragrant play of essences.I don’t think you can find many perfume oils that will hold up as well as these do at this price.

The bonus: body oils are also available in each scent...