Bath Retreat in a Box

It’s no secret my type A, persnickety ways have become a canonical fan of evening baths. Inspired after speaking with serious detox aficionados like Mandy Aftel and Julie Elliott, I’ve recently fined tuned the near perfect way to create some magic time for me. Well, can I say fine tuned this to a near science, actually?

Creating a great bath can be somewhat of challenge for some. Sure, there's enough online buzz about using an orgy of basic body and/or bath oils with a smattering of salts, but what actually goes into the bath is as important as what happens around the bath. The real excitement these days is in the holistic experience using 100% pure essential oils, not diluted ones.

And, let’s get real – if you’re not in the beauty biz like yours truly than you it’s not the easiest chore to shop for individual essentials along with salts and the other necessary accoutrements that promise to transport the senses to another zone, which can add up faster than a bubbly froth.

To take the guesswork out of game, Soak Yourself offers up an all-encompassing bath kit (~60) that gives the right amount of festive touch to your tranquility time.

If you’ve been heartlessly dumped or empathize with those weathering through long lost love pangs (like the woeful me), the Broken Heart Soak Kit is a veritable goof-proof recipe for how to create an hour’s worth of bliss with such a price-happy tag that you can’t help but be charmed by even the sweet smelling packaging grass and retro pretty ribbons. In each playfully hand-assembled box of authentically organic treats streamlined to help you get your maximum chill on comes:
  • Rose, Lavender, and Sandalwood Essential Oils – no, not the type to wear as perfume or onto skin directly, but instantaneously potent fragrant oils - blendable to your scent strength preference - to add to the bath and work on your mind and body. Sprinkle a few drops of these aromatic niceties to create your unique blend directly into the bath water. I went unapologetically Rose heavy - what a surprise, I know. Sensitive skins ought to be wary as Soak Yourself's aromatherapy expert suggests to add the essences to a few tablespoons of Olive oil before dispersing.
  • Fizzing & Foaming Bath Powders/Salts - drop 2 tablespoons of the fizzy fun into a tub of warm water, which effervesces into wallops of soothing froth. The 4 petite-sized packets mean these – coupled with the portable oil vials -- are also great for turning any mundane overnight hotel stay into spa-time with extra oomph.
  • Classic Candle Holder with Taper Candle – clear and elegant for use in the bath and beyond.
  • Jasmine Tea – as the most consumed tea in China, Jasmine comes in the form of lovely little pearls made from hand-rolled green tea tips, which have been delicately infused with pure Jasmine flowers. The pearls are often nicknamed “dragon phoenix pearls” because the tea bushes that dot the hills of the Fujian province look like dragons coming out of the water. Steep the bag at the start of your prep time and sip as you luxuriate. 
  • Hibiscus and Rosehip Soap – a delightful everyday luxury that has carefully crushed Rosehips and Hibiscus flowers blended with Ho Wood, Rose Absolute and Geranium essences in a base that is superfatted up with Rosehip oil. The ornate soap smells of a vibrant and sweet Rose cleverly adorned dried flowers. I wanted to take a nibble of soap., but, didn't.
You don’t see many all-in-one superluxe bath kits that make the perfect gift for any lady in your life. Or, even for yourself. Or, that's travel ready. And, truly organic in spirit, the enchanting packaging is not to be denied either. Check out the brilliantly ingenious tips for re-using the box and its stuffing like this one from Soak Yourself fan @Chinnie777.

The only thing more poetic than the presentation of the set is the way you feel when you step out of your private sanctuary – nothing short of fantastical.

And, yes shipping is safe and convenient from across the pond.