Amarte EyeConic Eye Cream

I once was a deep huntress for the ideal eye cream. You’ll rarely find me pumping anything thicker than an eye gel or very, very thin eye serum as if you know me by now, you know that I’m prone to milia. Yes, it is the irony of being a blogger on oils who regretfully harbors those despicably small, white bumps underneath my eyes that refuse to budge without the slice of a lancet or sizzle of a peel.

Research has been inconclusive; it’s not the oils, it’s not the diet, it might just very well be genetics. I even once poked and prodded underneath my Mum’s sockets ready to blame her for my karmic skincare misfortune but saw very few of the same. Whatever the reason, you can bet I have tried nearly everything under the sun from dumping my much beloved cheese from my recipes to using the potently drying Retin-A directly onto the bumps and then trying to dump moisture back into the crepey skin. This is after I spent hundreds of dollars for an aesthetician’s painful extractions. The dastardly nuisances  came back. Nothing worked to keep them away.

I gave up about a year ago and decided to ignore these blimey bastards burrowing their way underneath my skin and resolved myself to having the occasional chemical peel gently dabbed along eye socket to flatten out their appearance. That has been the only thing that has worked thus far as concealing them with an obvious thick layer of some industrial strength camouflage cream is not exactly my choice of style.

Then launched Amarte’s Eyeconic Eye Cream ($80), which made me drop my cynicism towards creams. Amarte - Korea's high luxury but deceptively modest brand - marries scientific expertise with the functionality of medicinal herbs and plants for beauty and was developed in cooperation with the Bio-Regional Innovation Center at Seowon University. There are some serious academic heavy hitters running the skin care side of things here.

And, it’s almost as if the brand knew just how to design the ideal eye cream for me. What two ingredients would work best for an oil lover? Argan for the obvious reasons and retinol.

An eye cream should be simple in its ingredients. Never overdone with competing extracts and chemically vague names, if you ask me.

What most of the beauty world knows by know is how potent Argan’s Vitamin E content is when it comes to moisture. And, this seems like a good time to rave about the powerful regeneration shown by retinol and how the Vitamin A derivative ought to be in every gal's arsenal of skincare after 35.

What most people don’t know is how Eyeconic actually has the highest levels of retinol in the US; at 3.8% it’s almost double the whopping amount in Dr. Brandt’s Resurfacing Serum, which has a 2% concentration. Amarte’s retinol is stable and capsulated as not to break down straight away. A dream cream for me as this duality does exist!

The skin-regenerating combo in a sheer cream base absorbs straight away and has seriously helped flatten out my milia over two weeks. You can take comfort in knowing that the Argan-based formula means irritation is kept to a minimum and moisture is maxed out. Makeup doesn’t even crease with this wonder cream. Results are uncannily dramatic as the fragile eye zone is firmed, refined and smooth within a few short days. And scent-free for those of you with sensitive skins.

Need more of a reason to buy? Most eye creams are packaged in the same price range at 0.5 ounces. Take a closer look, as Eyeconic comes in 0.7 ounces for the moderately price tag. For such rich rewards underneath your eyes, it’s well worth the investment and will last you 7-8 months with the old-timey white pump. Finally a wearable solution for aged eyes needing a synergistic cell turnover that actually works.

Milia be damned.